Downsizing Tips

5 Steps to a Smooth Downsizing Process

When it comes to retirement, one thing many soon to be retirees consider is downsizing to a smaller home that will better suit their needs. They may look at a variety of retirement communities, a location with warmer weather or a location that is closer to family during the downsizing process.  However, making the actual … Continued

How to Determine Fair Home Market Value

How Can I Determine My Home’s Fair Market Value?

Selling you home can feel like an overwhelming task that comes with a lot of steps. From putting your home on the market to open houses and showings, and after all this hard work, you worry you won’t get a fair price for your home.  If you want to get a fair price for your … Continued

Late on Mortgage

What Can Happen When I Pay My Mortgage Late?

When you find yourself having difficulty paying your mortgage payment on time, the first thing you need to do is contact your lender. Staying in contact with your lender throughout your hardship is essential to working with the lender to come to a resolution. There are numerous government-sponsored programs that are available to homeowners that … Continued

Moving & Need To Sell House Fast

What Do I Do When I Need to Move and Sell My House Fast?

You never know when an opportunity or circumstance will present itself! Perhaps your dream job has come along, but now you need to relocate. You need to sell your home fast, move into a new home and do it all quickly.  Selling your home quickly and moving out quickly can get quite stressful. Not only … Continued

Get the Best Cash Deal for Your Home

Selling Your Home? Make Sure You’re Getting a Good Deal

Cash offers are uniquely different from a traditional mortgage-backed offer. Selling your home for cash up front is not like selling through a Realtor where more often than not, the buyer interested in your home is seeking a mortgage and the offer will be close to your asking price. Cash offers are usually for less … Continued

Sell Your Home Fast in Massachusetts: A How-to Guide!

Time to sell your house in Massachusetts? You want to sell quickly too, right? Maybe it’s just time to get out from under your house, or it is time to relocate for a new opportunity, and you want to do all of this quickly. No matter your reason, the bottom line is you want to … Continued

Massachusetts Home Buyers

What to Avoid When Selling Your House To Massachusetts Home Buyers

The process of listing a house on the market in Massachusetts can be quite a complex and involved process. Homeowners typically face a variety of important decisions and tasks that are required when getting ready to sell a house. It can be a top reason in terms of why sellers to make mistakes, and such mistakes … Continued

Selling Your Home in Essex County Tips

7 Tips When Selling Your Home in Essex County, MA

  As experienced home buyers in Essex County, MA, we have come across homeowners with various goals and situations. For starters, we all make our purchases using cash regardless of the condition of the house or the circumstance. There are some of the things that we pay attention when buying properties that first time home … Continued