home staging

Staging your Home to Sell in Massachusetts and How Much it Can Cost You

Shopping at your favorite store today, did you notice how strategically everything is displayed, designed and planned for your convenience? This is no mistake!  Just like your favorite store, your home should be conveniently designed, maintained and presented well for you to sell fast in Massachusetts. Just like your favorite store, your home is categorized … Continued

Foreclosure in MA

Massachusetts Foreclosure Results are Disastrous for Sellers

After you decide to sell your house, you may find there are more expenses and complications involved than you thought. Perhaps your home needs a lot of repairs or is outdated and you know buyers will be turned off, either way, selling a home can be overwhelming.  Let’s take a look at the disastrous results … Continued

Selling a Home With Realtor

Should you Hire a Realtor When Selling Your Home in Massachusetts?

For some, selling their home is the last task they want to deal with. Often, homeowners are not even sure where to start, they just know they need to find a real estate agent and that sounds complicated and confusing to them. Realtors can add value to a sale transaction, there is no doubt about … Continued

hoarder house

Selling a Hoarder House in Massachusetts? Here are 4 Problems You May Have.

Are you trying to sell a hoarder house in Massachusetts? You may discovering how difficult a traditional sale process truly is when it comes to a hoarder house in Massachusetts.  Cleaning the house out and selling may be your ultimate goal, however, the process can be complicated due to the extenuating circumstances a hoarder home … Continued

Sell Home Quickly

Sell Your Home in Massachusetts the Quick and Painless Way

There are ways to sell your home quickly and save yourself from the long and painless process. It can be dreadful to sell your home when you consider the length of time and all the steps involved, however it doesn’t have to be this way. Be sure to explore the alternative methods we are presenting … Continued

Sell House in 5 Days

Sell Your Massachusetts Home: How to Sell in Less Than a Week

Do you need to sell your Massachusetts home quickly?  When you need to sell your home, it can be a great disappointment to find out how expensive it can be with realtor fees, commissions and closing costs. After all these extra fees, sellers are surprised to find out how little they will actually walk away … Continued

Selling a Home - Timeline

How Long it Will Take to Sell Your Home: An Average Timeline Guide

One of the biggest questions asked when someone is selling their home is “How Long Will Selling My Home Take?” There is no definitive answer to that question as there are many factors that go into the entire process of selling your home. We have compiled a useful timeline that will help outline an average … Continued

What is my Home Value?

What is My Home Worth? 5 Easy Ways to Put a Price on Your Home

When it comes to trying to figure out what your home is worth, there are numerous ways to calculate the end number. All the way from online calculator tools and appraisals to market analyses, each way will help you determine your home’s worth.  We have five easy ways to help you figure out your home’s … Continued

tax foreclosure

Foreclosure: Are There Tax Consequences?

There are a lot of factors surrounding each situation of foreclosure. These factors determine the tax consequences. The most important factor to consider when trying to figure out the federal income tax consequences of a foreclosure on a principal residence is:  What is the value of the property and how does that value compare what … Continued

Downsizing Tips

5 Steps to a Smooth Downsizing Process

When it comes to retirement, one thing many soon to be retirees consider is downsizing to a smaller home that will better suit their needs. They may look at a variety of retirement communities, a location with warmer weather or a location that is closer to family during the downsizing process.  However, making the actual … Continued

How to Determine Fair Home Market Value

How Can I Determine My Home’s Fair Market Value?

Selling you home can feel like an overwhelming task that comes with a lot of steps. From putting your home on the market to open houses and showings, and after all this hard work, you worry you won’t get a fair price for your home.  If you want to get a fair price for your … Continued