Sell a Hoarder House Fast in Massachusetts

Hoarder houses can be quite a challenge to sell due to the amount of renovations that is are typically required along with all the mess that comes along with it. In many instances, real estate agents do not like to get involved in selling a hoarder house on the market due to the cleanouts and repairs that are required to make the property appealing for the buyers. It can be an overwhelming and frustrating feeling, but the good news is we have a solution for you – we buy hoarder houses in ‘as-is’ condition, no repairs, no hassles. (>>Our process on how we buy houses is explained by clicking this link <<)

Hoarder Houses Massachusetts
Leaving Behind a Hoarding House Can be an Emotional Challenge. We get it. We are here to help!

When we purchase hoarder houses in Massachusetts, we buy them along with all the problems associated with the property with the goal of taking on the repairs and cleanouts ourselves, handling the renovations, and selling the house with the hope of making some profit if we’re able to.

The good news is: we are BBB accredited, cash investors and there’s no need to deal with traditional forms of selling your home. When we buy hoarder houses, we can close as quickly as 14 days in most cases.

Can You Buy My Home If I’m a Hoarder?

Absolutely YES.

We buy homes from hoarders across Massachusetts quite often and because we pay cash, the process can be very quick, eliminating a lot of the paperwork involved. If your home is too messy or a potential tear-down, we would be interested in chatting with you to discuss your options and discuss your options.

Whether you’re looking to relocate and leave your hoarding life behind, we’ll work with you to sell your home fast. As reputable, Massachusetts home buyers, we’ll work with you to simplify the process so that you can move on with cash in your pocket.

Will I Need to Wait Until My House is Sold Before I Get Paid?

Definitely not. Once we come to an agreement on the purchase price of your home, we’ll set up a closing date and a closing date so that we can get you paid as soon as possible. Our goal is take the property off your hands in a quick, professional matter so that we can move forward with renovating it and re-selling it once complete. This however does not mean you have to wait until your house is sold.

When we purchase homes for cash, you will not need to wait until we sell the house.

We Buy Hoarder Houses in Massachusetts

Cleaning out a house that has been used for hoarding and restoring it can be an emotionally difficult process with expenses involved. We get it. When you sell directly to us, we will:

  • Present you with a fair, no obligation cash offer (you can always tell us no!)
  • Purchase your house or condo in ANY condition
  • If you’re moving, we’ll take care of all the cleanouts. You take only what you need with you
  • We cover all closing costs. You won’t be responsible for any fees
  • Eliminate the burden of the hoarder house completely and start a brand new life

At Pavel Buys Houses, we believe in transparency and integrity. We’ll do everything we can to resolve your situation so that you understand all your options when it comes to selling a home. Simply, get started by filling out the contact form below or calling us at 781-309-7085.

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