tax foreclosure

Foreclosure: Are There Tax Consequences?

There are a lot of factors surrounding each situation of foreclosure. These factors determine the tax consequences. The most important factor to consider when trying to figure out the federal income tax consequences of a foreclosure on a principal residence is:  What is the value of the property and how does that value compare what … Continued

Downsizing Tips

5 Steps to a Smooth Downsizing Process

When it comes to retirement, one thing many soon to be retirees consider is downsizing to a smaller home that will better suit their needs. They may look at a variety of retirement communities, a location with warmer weather or a location that is closer to family during the downsizing process.  However, making the actual … Continued

How to Determine Fair Home Market Value

How Can I Determine My Home’s Fair Market Value?

Selling you home can feel like an overwhelming task that comes with a lot of steps. From putting your home on the market to open houses and showings, and after all this hard work, you worry you won’t get a fair price for your home.  If you want to get a fair price for your … Continued

Late on Mortgage

What Can Happen When I Pay My Mortgage Late?

When you find yourself having difficulty paying your mortgage payment on time, the first thing you need to do is contact your lender. Staying in contact with your lender throughout your hardship is essential to working with the lender to come to a resolution. There are numerous government-sponsored programs that are available to homeowners that … Continued

Moving & Need To Sell House Fast

What Do I Do When I Need to Move and Sell My House Fast?

You never know when an opportunity or circumstance will present itself! Perhaps your dream job has come along, but now you need to relocate. You need to sell your home fast, move into a new home and do it all quickly.  Selling your home quickly and moving out quickly can get quite stressful. Not only … Continued

Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure

How Should You Handle a Foreclosure on a Reverse Mortgage?

When a loved one passes away leaving a house behind, the heirs left with the home may be surprised to find out there is a reverse mortgage lien on the property.  When Elizabeth Erickson’s mother passed away in 2012, she left a family home full of memories behind. The plan was to sell the home … Continued

Sell a House with a Tax Lien

Can I Sell My House if There is a Tax Lien on It?

In order to sell your house, it must be free of all liens so you can present clear title to the purchaser. If you owe taxes on your property, such as back taxes to the IRS, the sale of your house could be potentially held up. An IRS tax lien is a statutory lien and … Continued

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Understanding a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

It is easy for anyone to find themselves in financial distress which results in a lot of stress. Various factors contribute to a financial crisis including medical debt, loss of a job, death, divorce, or a necessary and rushed relocation.  Unfortunately, when you own a home, financial distress can include the possibility of finding yourself … Continued

Is it time to sell your home?

Is it Time to Sell Your Home in Massachusetts?

It’s not unusual, at one time or another, for a homeowner to wonder if they should sell their home or not. It is a common question on a lot of people’s minds and there are a multitude of reasons as to why it may be time to sell your home in Massachusetts. We have compiled … Continued

Second Mortgage Foreclosure

Will My Second Mortgage Lender File Foreclosure?

First, Let’s Define a Second Mortgage A second mortgage is a lien on your home. Just as the first mortgage holds a lien, a second mortgagor will do the same. Often, buyers will take out two mortgages simultaneously to purchase real estate. A second mortgage is a loan just like your first mortgage. They essential … Continued

Foreclosure Impact on Credit Score

Will Foreclosure Affect My Credit Score?

Of course, the best idea is to avoid foreclosure, however, if foreclosure is where you are headed, you may be wondering how it will affect your credit score. Unfortunately, we don’t have the greatest news for you.  When you are ready to move on and purchase another home, your foreclosure will show up on your … Continued