Home Auctions & Selling Your Home

Is Auctioning Your House a Good Idea in Massachusetts?

If you have a property to sell quickly, or one that’s not in move-in condition, one of the options you have is to put it up for auction. Auction properties are usually those that require substantial work or have been foreclosed on by the bank. That’s not to say there aren’t other houses to be … Continued

Inflation and the Housing Market: What Sellers Must Know

If there’s one topic on the lips of every major western country, it’s inflation. Inflation is on the rise, accelerating to an eye-watering 8.6% in May 2022 – that’s the highest it’s been in over 30 years. So, what does this mean for you? For everyday Americans, it means your hard-earned dollars are worth slightly … Continued

Avoid HOA Violations

Most Common HOA Violations and How to Avoid Them

Most people don’t give much thought to an HOA when they first consider buying a home in a community with a Homeowners’ Association (HOA) and focus solely on the home they’re purchasing. After all, the HOA is there to help make the community a better place, so why would you consider it a red flag? … Continued

How Sell Land in Massachusetts

How to Sell Your Land Yourself in Massachusetts

If you own land in Massachusetts and no longer need it, you’re likely wondering about the fastest and most cost-effective way to sell it. Selling land can be quite a different experience to selling a home, primarily because there is a much smaller market of people out there looking to buy. Whether you want to … Continued

Can Courts Order the Sale of a House in a Divorce in Massachusetts?

One of the most difficult things to do during a divorce is dividing assets. While some couples amicably split assets as they feel is right, or 50-50, many struggle to fight for what they feel is theirs. Possibly the most complicated asset to split is the marital house, you can’t rip it apart and take … Continued

Cash Home Buyer Legit?

Are Cash Home Buyers Legit?

With a rising number of companies offering cash for homes, many people are drawn to the idea that they may not need to wait months to list and close on their homes, especially if their home needs a little work. Whether you need to sell your home quickly due to a change in circumstances, a … Continued

Can You Sell a Condo with Tenants in Place?

If you’re a landlord ready to sell a condominium in Massachusetts or New Hampshire but you have tenants in place, you may be worried about what action you can legally take to move forward. The good news is you have a range of options, all of which we’ll guide you through in this article. Read … Continued

Tips for Selling a House Where Squatters Have Lived

Are you looking to sell a property where squatters have lived? Though it may be challenging, it’s possible as long as you take the proper steps. Working with a cash buyer, renovating your property, and involving your local authorities can help move the process along. Below, we’ll cover how to sell your home in Massachusetts, … Continued

Sell House with Open Permit

Can I Sell My House With an Open Permit in Massachusetts?

Discovering an open permit on your home can pose additional costs and delay the original timeline of your sale. Title searches don’t always catch open permits on a property, leading to further delays throughout the closing process. Below, we’ll cover what an open permit is, how it may impact your home sale and your options … Continued

Sell Townhouse

How Hard is it to Sell a Townhouse in Massachusetts?

Thinking of moving? Perhaps you need to relocate because of an employment change, need more space than your current home offers, or your kids have left home and you want to downsize. Whatever the reason for your decision, you’re likely ready to move on to greener pastures as soon as possible. So, exactly how difficult … Continued

Renovate Bathroom Before Selling House

Should I Renovate My Bathroom Before Selling My House?

Renovating your bathroom can add significant value to your home (in some cases, as much as 4 or 5%). But like all home improvement projects, updating your bathroom isn’t guaranteed to pay off. So, should you refresh your bathroom before selling? Let’s find out. Should I renovate my bathroom? If you’re thinking of renovating your … Continued

Sell Condo in Poor Condition

How to Sell a Condo in Poor Condition in Massachusetts

The decision to sell a condo when it’s in less-than-ideal condition can be stressful at best and embarrassing at worst. No one likes for us, or a loved one, to be portrayed as struggling or living “less-than”. In some cases, if you have the time and money, it may be worth giving the condo a … Continued

Sell House Leaky Basement

How to Sell a House with a Leaky Basement in Massachusetts

According to the Washington Post, over 40% of standalone houses in the US have a basement. That’s around 38 million basements, so it’s no surprise that they’ll develop a problem at one time or another. Basements vary from being dark, damp storage areas to providing comfortable, well-appointed extra living space. We’d all hope that our … Continued