Should You Sell Your Massachusetts Home or Rent When You Retire?

As you near your retirement, you may be weighing whether you should sell your home and rent or whether you continue being a homeowner. Whether you rent or own your home, housing costs are a severe part of your retirement budget. Thus, the decision to own or rent is highly dependent on your financial situation … Continued

Top 15 Things to Fix Before You List Your Home for Sale in Massachusetts

If you’re considering selling your home, you’ve likely heard that you’ll need to take care of repairs and renovations before listing, and you might be worried about any potential costs especially if you’ve lived in the house you’re trying to sell for a while. It may be overwhelming, especially if you have no idea where … Continued

How to Sell a House in Massachusetts During Probate

It is never an easy time when you lose a loved one. It is more difficult when you have to manage a recently passed loved one’s property that is under probate. Sometimes, it is even necessary to sell the house while going through probate. However, unlike other types of home sales, selling a house under … Continued

Can You Sell a House While Going through Pre-Foreclosure?

Foreclosure. It’s a scary word. If you’re facing foreclosure on your home you may be scared, stressed, or overwhelmed by all of the uncertainty that comes with significant financial stress and the possibility of losing something big like your house on someone else’s terms. In this post we’ll answer some common questions you may have … Continued

How to Sell Your House Virtually in Massachusetts

If you’re preparing to sell your home during the current health climate, you may be wondering how you can proceed through all of the necessary steps while maintaining social distancing standards and ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Luckily technology moves quickly, and there are many ways the real estate industry has adapted to make … Continued

How to Sell Your House When It’s Full of Junk

When you own a house, it’s easy for clutter to pile up. With closets, extra rooms, basements, and sheds, it’s convenient to store and accumulate more items through the years. All of these extra items cluttering your home can impact your ability to sell your home. Buyers want to be able to see themselves in … Continued

Top 15 Tips to Sell Your Home in 2021

COVID-19 has affected our lives in many ways from how we do business to how we travel and interact with the world. It has had a major impact on the real estate industry when it relates to selling and buying homes. Customers and housing trends have dramatically changed with the pandemic, so it’s important to … Continued

How to Sell Your House with Smoke Damage in Massachusetts

A house fire is always an unexpected event that can lead to devastating damage to your property. In the United States, over 353,000 house fires occur per year, on average. Experiencing a situation such as this one, your greatest hope is that no one gets injured by the fire and smoke, but even if everyone … Continued

Tired of Being a Landlord? Options to Sell Your House

Owning rental property can seem like the perfect way to invest your money until the responsibility of managing everything becomes a burden. Any house will require regular maintenance, and tenants can come with their own unique complications. In the end, you make get tired of being a landlord and find that it is not worth … Continued

Helping a Senior Loved One with Downsizing

Helping your senior loved ones downsize their lives can be a difficult and emotional task. Donating old clothes, throwing away appliances that no longer work, or giving items to family members that have been collected through the years can be overwhelming. This process is even harder for your senior loved ones, who may have a … Continued

The “Pros & Cons” of Selling Your Home On Your Own

Selling your home privately may not be as difficult as you think. There are plenty of pros and cons to every decision we make in life, and real estate is one of them. While working with a realtor means that a lot of the stress comes off you as the homeowner, it result in a … Continued

How Probate Laws Work in Massachusetts

If you are wondering about the process of probate in Massachusetts, it is likely because a loved one has recently passed away and you need to know the next steps for managing this person’s property. Probate is the court observed legal process that occurs after the death of an individual. It allows a close family … Continued