Can Hiring a Professional Photographer for Listing Photos Help Sell Your Home Faster?

We’ve all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to real estate, these words ring true. It’s impossible to describe a home you’re selling without a picture entirely.

Professional photography can make a big difference when you’re trying to sell your home fast. You’ll avoid lousy picture quality, such as blurriness and bad lighting.

Let’s take a look at why you should invest in a professional photographer to help you sell your home faster.

Why Hire a Professional Photographer?

Hiring a professional photographer can be a game-changer in selling your home, especially if you’re listing your home for sale online. You can go from selling your home in months to selling your home within weeks. Potential buyers search for properties online, so you want to stand out from the crowd.

Your Home will Stand out from Surrounding Property

Consider adding aerial or drone photography and virtual tours of your home. You will create engagement with potential buyers, as there’s more to see in videos and pictures from different angles.

Another great idea is to get photos taken professionally in a twilight setting. Having images that get shot in the evening gives your home a high-end, dramatic, and luxurious look. You’ll set yourself apart from your competitors online by giving your home a sophisticated look.

Your Home Will Sell for More

A few years ago, Redfin created a survey that showed properties sold on average $11,000 over market value with professional photographs. These photographs attracted more buyers to their online listings.

Getting professional photographs taken, including aerial photography and twilight shots, will make your home look reputable. If your home looks great, potential buyers will perceive your property as of a higher value and make your home more demanding online.

An increase in demand will come from the economics principle where with low supply, you will get a higher price. With your home being one of the few that stands out, you can expect to get a higher selling price.

You Want to be Professional

If you choose to get beautiful photographs taken of your home, be sure to get a professional photographer, not someone who takes photos as a hobby.

A professional will have the correct equipment, techniques, and knowledge to make your home stand out by improving the aesthetics with proper lighting and editing.

If you’re unsure how your photographs will look, ask the photographer for samples to show their work. By taking a closer look at their portfolio, you will get a clear idea of how professional your home will look on an online listing.

Does Professional Photography Help Sell Homes Faster?

Having attractive photographs of your home will influence more potential buyers to your home, and with more buyers, the faster your home will sell. Creating professional photos to market your home online and on social media increases your listing target audience.

Your home has the potential to sell 50% faster than other listings that have standard photos taken with cell phones. There are studies done where it’s shown that potential buyers will decide beforehand if they will look at a property before buying, just from browsing the images online.

The better your photographs look online, the more people will potentially click on your listing. Your home gets more attention because of its impact on those who are casually looking through listings.

Do Realtors Use Professional Photographers?

Real estate agents use professional photographers when they want their listings to stand out against the crowd. They know that their listings will get more traffic by using professional photographs, which creates more foot traffic to the seller’s home.

Remember the concept of supply and demand? It creates competition amongst buyers fighting over a home and pushes the sales price up.

How Much Do Realtors Pay Photographers?

Realtors pay on average between $100 and $125 per hour to hire a professional photographer. The average price will differ according to where you live. In Massachusetts, specifically Boston, you’re looking at an average cost between $150 and $200 an hour.

Prices will also differ according to the time of day the photoshoot occurs and if you’re including aerial or drone photographs and a virtual tour. An essential thing to remember is that some photographers require an upfront payment before working with you.

Photography is a skill, and it should get left for professionals who get highly trained to take photographs for you. This is the one time not to try DIY photos!

A Licensed Professional Real Estate Expert Can Help You

When prospective homeowners are searching for a new house, they aren’t only looking for specifics. They’re thinking about what their lives will look like in your home, what potential there is. One way to give them an idea of how they can incorporate their family and belongings into your home is by looking at the possibility from photographs.

If you need help with a listing in Massachusetts and don’t know where to begin, contact us. We have licensed professional real estate experts who can help you with the process of selling your home, and if you’re in the market, to help you find a new home.

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