Help! My Home in Massachusetts Is Not Selling

Having your home on the market can be highly frustrating, especially when it’s not selling. The longer your house is listed for sale, the more likely your home will sell for less.

Depending on your location, the time it takes to sell a house can differ in other areas. Generally, your home will sell for the highest price within the first 30 days it’s listed.

Let’s explore a few reasons why your house is likely not selling.

Why Is My Home Not Selling?

There are many reasons why your home is not selling. You could be out of a buyer’s market, your home could get considered as overpriced, or your home could just be situated in an unfavorable location.

If you’re using the services of a real estate agent, consider asking them a few questions:

  • How does your home’s listing look compared to other homes similarly priced in your area?
  • Is your home listed on more than one local listing service?
  • How many of the inquiries have turned into a showing appointment? What are the reasons for them not converting to a showing appointment?

Ensure you look objectively at your situation and consider everything surrounding your neighborhood and situation.

What is the Most Common Reason a Home Fails to Sell?

The biggest reason why a home fails to sell is because of price. It’s common to overvalue one’s home, as an attachment to a property misleads sellers.

According to a survey amongst real estate agents in 2019, nearly 50% of them found one of the biggest challenges sellers face is resisting the temptation to overprice.

Do local research to see what other homes are selling for in your area, and adjust your price to reach market demands.

Why is My House Not Selling in Massachusetts?

One of the factors to consider why your house is not selling in Massachusetts is the time of year. In winter, it’s too cold, and it’s difficult for buyers to imagine what your garden and home will look like in the Spring when all the snow has melted.

Have you researched other listings in your neighborhood, and is your selling price competitive to others?

How to Get Rid of a House That Won’t Sell

If you’re struggling to sell your home and have tried everything in your power to get it sold, consider getting an obligation-free quote from us. We buy houses for cash, no matter what condition it’s in. We don’t even care about the location or if it’s a buyer’s market or not.

Get in touch with us here, and we will call you back!

Reasons Houses Don’t Sell

There are multiple reasons why houses don’t sell that you should consider when listing your property.

Slow real estate market.

Not getting your home sold could mean you’re not in a buyer’s market. The real estate market is constantly fluctuating, so it’s always best to get a real estate agent’s help to give you advice on the best time to list your home on the market.

The time of year plays a huge role, so you should consider selling your home in early Spring. The market starts to get flooded by late Spring, early Summer and slows down tremendously during the colder months.

Be strategic with your timing, and you might get your home sold faster!

Your home isn’t adequately staged.

Staging matters. A buyer is more likely to buy a house where he can see potentially living in the space than an empty home.

There is a higher chance of your house selling faster with it getting staged adequately. Avoid a poorly staged home with your space looking dark, cluttered, and small. Poor staging can highlight flaws you don’t want a buyer to notice and fail to display all the beautiful assets it has to offer.

Your listing doesn’t have professional photographs.

Before a buyer comes to view your home, they will first search online to see what is for sale in the area they’re interested in. A potential buyer won’t consider viewing your home in person if the photos online don’t attract them to your property.

Avoid taking photos with your cell phone, and instead, hire a professional real estate photographer. Your professional photographs will make you stand out in the crowd and draw more foot traffic to your home. The more traffic you have, the higher chance you can get your home sold.

Location is not desirable.

You could be struggling to sell your home due to the location of your property. Location is everything when it’s time to sell. Are you far from good local schools? Is your property near a busy highway?

Homes with unfavorable locations take longer to sell and may even sell for less than the price you list it for. Get your real estate agent involved and develop a creative marketing strategy to get your home off the market.

Your home is in poor condition.

A poorly neglected home will not look attractive to buyers and can result in your house not selling. Taking care of those minor repairs will make a big difference, and you might get a price near your asking price.

Consider getting your home inspected before listing it online so that you can address any issues prior.

It’s Not Too Late to Sell Your Home

Making suitable adjustments to the price, condition, staging, and updating your photographs, can increase your chances of selling your home.

If you’re no longer interested in making any of these changes, consider selling your home for cash. We buy houses all over Massachusetts for cash, no matter what condition it is in, and we’ll provide you with the best possible cash offer.

Contact us for a consultation or to get a free, no-obligation cash offer at 781-309-7085.

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