How to Sell a House That Needs Repairs in Massachusetts

Sell House WIthout Making Repairs

Selling a house that needs repairs in Massachusetts can be difficult.

Let’s face it – most buyers want a perfect house that they can move into right away and don’t want to sign up for more work. You might be lucky enough to find an investor or buyer who is specifically looking for a fixer-upper and finds the repairs needed to be an appealing factor, but that may not be a risk you want to take as you may not get the amount you’re asking for in that situation.

So, what are you supposed to do if you’re preparing to sell a house that needs repairs? We answer your questions below!

Should I Make Big Repairs or Can I Stick With Making Quick Fixes?

Before you make a decision about whether your renovations will be big or small, you will need to make a list of what needs fixing.

Start by brainstorming the most obvious necessary repairs. If you’re wondering how to decide which repairs might be considered major, consider anything that would cause the house to be unsafe or anything significantly large that someone would notice within a minute of walking through your house. Do you have faulty wiring in your electrical systems? What about structural issues with the upstairs floorboards? What about a hole in the wall that occurred by accident years ago but you’ve been covering up with furniture? Any issues like this will need to be addressed prior to most sales and in some cases it may even be required to take care of the issues before making a sale. These fixes may be expensive, you’ll want to start saving up and creating a budget.

When you figure out what those large repairs are, consider the cost of the process. If the cost is small enough, you may not have to deal with the repair process as a buyer asking for a small credit or discount may be a better solution. However, if these repairs are things that would make the house unlivable, you’ll likely find that buyers won’t accept them and may end up not wanting to finalize the purchase and buy your home.

Keep in mind that making large repairs, but costly, will help you ask more for the home. In other words, you’ll likely make a larger profit if you go ahead and make the fixes. Not only will more buyers want to see your home, but there may even be a bidding war for it, bringing the price even higher.

If you still have money left over after you make the big repairs, think about making some small ones too. This could be cosmetic changes, increasing your home’s curb appeal, or simple repairs. Think of the repairs that are the most cost-effective and that offer the most return on your investment. For example, increasing your home’s curb appeal helps you sell your home faster and possibly for more money. It’s best to focus on small repairs if you’ve handled all of the large repairs or are prepared to give the buyer a credit for any large repairs needed.

What Are Some Examples of Big Repairs That Need to Be Addressed Prior to Selling My House?

One of the most common major repairs that need to be addressed prior to sale are any electrical repairs. In addition to being important to the functionality of the home, faulty electrical systems can be a huge safety risk – for example, they may cause a fire or may lead to structural damage.

You should also address any plumbing problems including septic tank replacement or damaged pipes. Your house is more likely to require these repairs if it is older and it’s always a good idea to keep these maintained even if you aren’t planning on selling.

Roof and foundation repairs are also incredibly important. If your house has a leaky roof or your floorboards are in danger of caving in, a buyer may not feel comfortable finalizing the sale and moving in. These repairs can also be extremely expensive but they are truly necessary.

Most of these larger repairs should be addressed by an experienced professional as a rush job that is done correctly may actually end up leading to more costly repairs later.

What Are Some Examples of Minor Repairs That Need to Be Addressed Prior to Selling My House?

Unlike the major repairs, many smaller repairs are purely cosmetic and can be done by yourself. For example, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint is possible to achieve after a trip to a hardware store and a day or two of work. If the paint on your walls is mostly fine but you have some scratches or marks that have popped up over the years you can likely consult with the staff at the hardware store to find a color match and then patch it up yourself.

If your yard is in need of some attention, this is also something you can achieve by yourself. Dedicate a day to removing weeds, pruning flowers and bushes, raking leaves, and more. If you find a patch of your lawn is completely dead then you might have to replace it but you can do so without replacing the entire lawn. This is something that even the most inexperienced landscaper can attempt after watching a video tutorial on Youtube or a similar site.

It also may make a significant difference if you simply deep clean your house. Polishing up hardware and cleaning out gutters are two tasks that can make a huge difference and can help you avoid future larger repair projects.

How Do I List My House for Sale if It’s in Need of Repairs?

Here’s what it all comes down to – the marketing. You don’t need to advertise your home as a fixer-upper, but you do need to ask the right price. You’ll send buyers running if you ask the going market price in the area for your home only for them to find out that it needs a lot of repairs. Talk with a local Massachusetts realtor or appraiser and see what the home should sell for given its current condition as you’ll want to list the home at a price that is appealing to buyers but will also give you fair compensation.

What if I Want to Sell My House As-Is?

There’s always the option to sell your Massachusetts house as-is too. If dealing with the major and minor repairs is just too much for you to think about right now, consider a cash home buyer. You won’t have to deal with a buyer telling you what to change or they are going to back out on the deal. You also won’t have to worry about giving numerous credits and walking away with much less money in your hand than you thought you would.

While you’ll need to tell a cash buyer what repairs are needed on the home, it won’t affect their decision to buy the house. Cash-buyers, like us, come in and see the home. We evaluate its condition and what it needs and we make a cash offer. You don’t have to worry about passing an inspection or an appraisal – we buy houses as-is, taking the pressure off of you to fix up the home.

When you reach out to us, the first step is a free consultation where we discuss the specifics of your situation so that we can determine what the best possible cash offer will be. We pride ourselves on creating a mutually beneficial situation and by providing you with an open and honest process that leaves you feeling happy and stress-free. One of the reasons many choose to reach out to us for this consultation is that the offer we present you is completely free! We want it to be a good experience for you, so when you receive your offer you can consider your options and accept only if you are truly ready.

We buy houses all over Massachusetts in many conditions and we can help you sell your home quickly. Get in touch with us today for a consultation or to receive a free, no-obligation cash offer at 781-309-7085.

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