How to Sell a House with Termite Damage

It can be upsetting if you’re getting ready to sell your home, only to find that there is termite damage to your home. Termite damage can create many problems that will need to get solved as quickly as possible.

Termites create safety hazards that can be costly to fix, as they eat the wood in, under, and around your house. The damage can limit the number of buyers interested in your home. However, there are multiple solutions for you to consider when putting your house up for sale that has termite damage.

Remove the Termites

The first thing that you need to do is get rid of the termites! Unfortunately, if you’re not an expert, it can be challenging to remove the entire colony on your own. You’ll need to consider all the places they can hide in, as well as how to remove them safely.

A reliable exterminator or pest control company with a good reputation can help you eliminate these pests. Get quotes from some companies and choose the one that will get the job done at a reasonable price.

Get Your Home Re-Inspected

When selling your home in Massachusetts, you need to disclose that your home had termite issues, even if you got rid of them. This could scare some buyers off, but it’s essential always to be honest with potential buyers. By being honest, you not only avoid doing lousy business, but you also avoid possible legal woes from non-disclosure.

After your home has been treated and the termite colony has gotten removed, you need to get a secondary termite inspection. A written report with proof your home is termite-free will get provided, which you can give to interested buyers who need peace of mind.

One way of looking trustworthy to buyers is by letting them choose the company to do the secondary inspection. This can eliminate any conflict of interest and makes the inspection impartial.

How to Prevent Future Termite Infestations

After you’ve gotten rid of termites and their damage, it’s essential to ensure they don’t come back in the future. Your exterminator will have put preventative measures in your home, but this does not mean you shouldn’t consider other things as well.

  • Install mesh screenings on external vents to prevent termites from crawling back into your home.
  • Treat your house for subterranean termites that crawl from underneath your house.
  • Any cracks that got left behind need to get fixed to prevent termites from crawling back inside.

You need to make your home unwelcome to any termite colony or any other pests. Ensure there is no entry point for these nasty critters by checking every hole, crack, or crevice in your house.

Get a Warranty From the Pest Control Company

Getting a warranty from the pest control company that did the extermination can give interested buyers peace of mind. These companies usually offer multi-year warranties after the job is complete, guaranteeing you that termites won’t return after treatment. If termites do return, the pest control company will have to return to take care of the situation at no cost.

An important aspect of the warranty is that it gets transferred into the new homeowner’s name, so ensure it gets done when you sell your home.

Always be Honest With Potential Buyers

It is essential that you stay upfront and honest with anyone interested in buying your home from you. If your honesty means a buyer walks away from the sale, then there’s nothing that can get done to change their minds.

Walk through your home with potential buyers, show them exactly where the termite damage occurred, and discuss what got done to get rid of them.

Ensure you have all the paperwork available for an interested buyer to prove the termites have gotten exterminated. You can go the extra mile and offer tips and tricks you learned, which they can use should they have to deal with them in the future.

Another tip is to put in writing that you shared all this information with the buyer and that the buyer understands everything that occurred with the termites. This will acknowledge that everyone is aware of the termite situation and that you were upfront and honest at all times.

Consider Selling Your Home As-Is

Even though you have done everything to get rid of the termite damage and fixed everything perfectly, it’s still not a guarantee you will get your home sold. The housing market is competitive, and many available homes have never had termite damage. Your home could potentially stay on the market for longer – for months or years, and you might not get the price you were hoping for.

Selling your home to a cash buyer or investor can be an alternative solution for you to consider. It’s a fast and simple process, and you get paid in cash.

The simple process begins with you telling the cash buyer about the termite damage in your home. Cash buyers often don’t care about damages in the house, as they look at the potential investment instead and will buy your home in any condition.

The cash buyer will then make you a cash offer once they’ve assessed your home, and if you accept, the sale will close within a few days. The cash buyer will then deal with the termite damage while getting a fresh start with cash to buy another property.

We Buy Termite Damaged Homes for Cash!

If you’re interested in selling your termite-damaged home for cash, we will buy it from you! We pay top dollar for homes that are in any condition, so you won’t need to get rid of the termites or stress about how you’re going to get your home sold.

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