How to Sell Your House Virtually in Massachusetts

If you’re preparing to sell your home during the current health climate, you may be wondering how you can proceed through all of the necessary steps while maintaining social distancing standards and ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Luckily technology moves quickly, and there are many ways the real estate industry has adapted to make the process of selling your home virtually possible.

Many of these tips can be applicable even if you’re able to do things in person. Taking things online and making your house a more digital process overall can be extremely convenient not only for you, but for the potential buyers as well. So while many are choosing to sell virtually these days due to the current pandemic, there are also some other benefits including convenience!

Create a Pre-Recorded Home Video Tour

One of the benefits of moving things online is the ability to provide all of the information for potential buyers to review at a time that works best for them. One great way to do this is to record an in-depth video tour of your property. Most recent smartphones have fantastic video capabilities, and as long as you get good lighting, you can film some great high-definition video. If you decide to do this, it’s advisable to minimize editing so that people know that what they’re seeing is what they’d get. Too much editing can lead people to believe that there are some hidden issues that you’re trying to distract them from.

It’s also important to have great audio. You can use background music, but this can also be a great opportunity for you to construct a narrative and describe the house in an appealing way. It’s also just a great way to convey information and explain what you’re showing in the video.

You can hire someone to put the video together, or you can simply talk as you’re recording the video. Remember, it doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to show your house clearly!

Take Photographs From Every Angle

In the same vein, you likely have everything you need to take quality photographs of your property already. With good lighting, the average smartphone can take high quality images. It’s important to have clear photographs that show off how your house really looks so any potential buyers can get all the information they might need. You can also considering hiring a professional photographer to make sure you have the best possible pictures for marketing your home.

Create a Virtual 3-D Home Tour

You can hire companies to create immersive and interactive 3D tours that potential buyers can simply click through so they can get the feel of exploring the home at their own pace. This can help them picture themselves living in the spaces and look around carefully without anyone around, which can be a huge benefit for some people.

3-D tours, just like video tours, are beneficial because they only have to be created or conducted once. Once they’ve been made, you can send them to potential buyers quickly, saving you all of the time you’d normally have to spend conducting tours or hosting open houses.

Additionally, any kind of online tour can help potential buyers who have health issues, or are dealing with various mobility or accessibility issues.

There are also benefits to you, especially if you’re still living in the house you’re trying to sell. You can minimize the disturbance to your regular routine, and also minimize any health risks that would inevitably come from new people coming in and out of your house.

Use Facetime, Zoom, or Other Video Call Software

If you’re still hoping to offer the same experience an in-person tour provides, you can use Facetime, Zoom, or a similar video calling software to facilitate this. It may also be helpful or even necessary to do this as you move forward in the process with a particular buyer who might have specific questions or specific areas of the home they’d like to see up close.

You can also use a group video calling software like Zoom to host a virtual open house! You can invite multiple guests to come and watch the tour, and answer any questions they might have. The potential buyers do not have to be on video during these calls, but they can if they’d like to. It’s a great way to give a slightly more personal touch than a pre-recorded tour but still serve multiple potential clients at one time.

If you’re comfortable, you can also host a video stream on Facebook or Instagram, and get in touch with an even wider audience that you might not have been able to communicate with otherwise. Instagram Lives are a commonly used tool these days and Instagram has tried to make it as easy as possible for you to use. You don’t need to download any additional software or be particularly tech-savvy – you just need to be able to press the button to “Go Live” and Instagram takes care of the rest! Viewers can also comment or ask questions as you’re giving your presentation or tour so you can quickly answer the questions and respond to them.

Skip the Hassle & Sell Your Home to a Cash Buyer

If you don’t have time to wait for your property to sell on the market, the quickest way to sell your home and avoid the stress and lengthy wait periods is to sell your home for cash and skip the process of going through hosting virtual open houses or creating 3D tours with potential buyers. At Pavel Buys Houses, we love win-win situations, and we offer a quick and transparent three-step process that leaves you with the best possible cash offer. We want to give you all the information we can possibly provide you with, and we pride ourselves on honest and thorough communication. If you decide to accept the offer we present you with, we’ll also handle the majority of the process so you can focus on everything else that comes along with moving out of a home or selling an investment property.

We buy houses all over Massachusetts (and in some parts of New Hampshire!) and we can help you sell your home quickly. Get in touch with us today for a consultation or to receive a free, no-obligation cash offer at 781-309-7085.

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