How to Sell Your Land Yourself in Massachusetts

If you own land in Massachusetts and no longer need it, you’re likely wondering about the fastest and most cost-effective way to sell it. Selling land can be quite a different experience to selling a home, primarily because there is a much smaller market of people out there looking to buy.

Whether you want to sell your land because you need the cash, because you’ve inherited it and don’t need it, because your plans have changed, or because you’re simply not using it the way you planned, selling your land is the best way to free up that investment so you can spend or invest the money in a way that’s more aligned with your goals.

If you want to sell your land, you’ve got 3 options:

3 Ways to Sell Land in Massachusetts

  • Through a real estate agent: Selling land this way will be much like selling your home through a realtor, with very few differences. The only difference you’re likely to see is, in many areas, there won’t be as much demand for land. If your land is in a desirable location, fit for building on, and you want to be hands-free, selling via a realtor may make sense for you. If you consider selling with a realtor, look for one that has sold similar property and make sure you’re well aware of how much you’re going to pay in fees – most charge around 5%.
  • As “for sale by owner”: Selling your land yourself on the market allows you to avoid paying realtor fees, but everything else is up to you. You’ll need to list the land, put up a sign, and deal personally with any potential buyers. If you do all that and you get no interest, you’re stuck, and will either need to try another way or wait for a buyer to appear. If you’re considering going this way, it’s well worth reaching out to the owners of the properties surrounding your land to see if they’ll purchase it. Depending on the area, many adjacent properties will be happy to expand theirs, and sometimes you’ll find a group of property owners willing to buy your land to protect it from development.
  • Sell to a land-buying company: If you’re serious about selling your land quickly, don’t want to lose some of your money to a realtor, your best option is likely going to be selling to a cash land-buying company, like us. We buy homes and land in Massachusetts quickly in cash.

Why sell to a cash land-buying company?

Unless your land is in high demand or you can sell to a neighbor, selling to a company like ours allows you to:

  • Sell quickly – We’ll be able to give you a no-obligation cash offer and if you accept, we can complete the sale in as little as just two weeks.
  • No listing or advertising fees – You don’t need to waste time or money advertising your land, since you can go direct to the buyer and get a cash offer within just a few days.
  • No realtor fees – Again, you don’t need to worry about giving a realtor some of the proceeds from the sale since you don’t need a realtor to handle the marketing of your property. Most realtor fees are 4-6.5% in Massachusetts, so you’re saving a significant amount of money.
  • No work – You don’t need to invest any time in improving the land, taking pictures, email prospective buyers, or arrange for anyone to market your property for you. All you need to do is reach out to us, arrange for us to view the land, and get a cash offer shortly after.
  • No negotiations – You won’t have to go back and forth with a potential buyer to negotiate a price or have to make any repairs before the buyer will complete closing.
  • You won’t have to wait for your buyer – land sales usually don’t get caught up the same way house sales do, since they’re more likely to be cash purchases, but if your buyer wants to build a home for themselves on the property, they’ll need to seek a special mortgage and get it before completing the sale.
  • We can offer advice – if you’ve got a loan on the property or your waiting on probate, we can advise you on how to move forward since we’ve bought so many properties in the past.

What kind of properties to cash land-buying companies purchase?

We’ll buy land anywhere in Massachusetts (and some parts of New Hampshire), whether it’s in a rural area or in the center of town. We also buy plots with homes and mobile homes, so don’t worry if there’s a structure in place – we’ll still be interested.

If you’re looking for a fast sale and don’t want to worry about the hassle of putting it on the market and finding a buyer, we’ll be happy to give you a no-obligation cash offer. After a quick visit we’ll give you an offer you can accept and we’ll close within just a couple of weeks, and if it’s not what you’re looking for, you’re free to try and find a better offer through one of the other avenues we’ve discussed.

We’re licensed, local, A+ BBB accredited, offer a friendly face, and have helped numerous sellers sell quickly when they need to move, have inherited a house in serious need of repair, or want to take advantage of another opportunity as soon as possible. To get your no-obligation cash offer, click here.

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