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Not every foreclosure needs to end with a foreclosure. We believe in providing knowledge and resources to make sure homeowners understand all options when it comes to foreclosure in Massachusetts. A lot of people aren’t aware of the various options that are available. It’s not your fault! There is just so much misleading information on the web that it can be hard know who to trust. We are here to help guide you by providing resources we hand picked that you can explore in more detail below that discuss how you can keep your home:

Massachusetts Government Programs

If you are facing foreclosure, be sure to check out the federally funded government program Making Home Affordable Program (MHAP).

In Massachusetts, you must be able to qualify in order to participate in this program, but if you do qualify you may be able to keep your home. Be sure to start the process as soon as possible since you will be asked to collect different information such as your tax returns, income documentation, and all the necesarry paperwork.

Loan Modification & Refinance

A loan modification can be a great way to keep your home. The process is further explained in detail on the Mass.gov website. A loan modification allows you to make your mortgage payments more affordable by making your payments lower and this can be a much better alternative when compared to foreclosure. You must talk to your bank / mortgage company and get in touch with their “Loss Mitigation” department to discuss your options. Be aware of different scams, there are lots of them that are mailed constantly.  Navigate the Mass.gov website to obtain the most trusted information on this topic.

We Offer FREE Counseling

We truly believe in serving our community and providing support to those in need in difficult times. We are proud to offer FREE counseling services to anyone looking to help on stopping foreclosure. We’ll walk you through the different options to help point you in the right direction to try to keep your home. Simply, fill out the easy form below to get in touch with us or call 781-309-7085.

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