Sell a Bad Rental Property in Massachusetts

While rental properties in theory always sound like a great idea, there are different reasons why homeowners may want to choose to sell their rental property in Massachusetts. If you have bad tenants in place, we can certainly help since we purchase houses in as-is condition (with your tenants).

Massachusetts is generally a tenant-friendly state, therefore evictions can be quite expensive, lengthy, and stressful on many landlords.Massachusetts Bad Rental Property

Be sure to understand the eviction law in Massachusetts well. There are several great resources available, but one of the best we’ve come across is this article from NOLO.

Besides the financial implications of evictions, there could be other issues such as unwanted repairs, dishonest tenants, vacancy that can easily come up. If not managed properly, this could all add up to your total expenses.

If you are a landlord in Massachusetts and want to explore your options for selling your bad rental property fast, as-is, without making any repairs – get in touch with us so we can have a chat. The great thing about selling directly to us is:

  • We cover all the fees along with closing costs
  • We purchase your rental property as is, no repairs
  • You choose the closing date
  • Absolutely no obligation. Our process is 100% free

Common Reasons For Selling a “Bad Rental Property”

  • Listed with a real estate agent, but still can’t sell my house
  • House needs lots of repairs and is not selling
  • Tired of being a landlord / ready to move on
  • Bankruptcy is forcing me to sell my house fast
  • Divorce left me no choice but to sell the house
  • Facing foreclosure due to missed mortgage payments
  • Relocating due to job change in another state
  • Debts getting too high and need to sell some properties
  • Inherited a rental property but not interested in becoming a landlord

If you have other questions, be sure to read How our Process Works to fully understand how we purchase rental properties for cash. If you’re interested in having a chat with us and discuss options for selling a bad rental property in Massachusetts, call us at 781-309-7085 or fill out the quick form below to get started.

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