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30 Ridiculously, Hilarious Real Estate Signs That Will Crack You Up, and Just May Attract Buyers!

The real estate world is a world like no other. When selling a home, many people choose to hire a real estate professional for good reason. It’s not easy to sell your house on your own. The professionals have an inside track on strategic methods to sell your home for you and they have been trained to do so.

Most real estate professionals will advertise your home for sale in publications, put a for sale sign in your yard, host some open houses and cold-call for buyers when they work for you to sell your home. It’s pretty straight-forward when it comes to average methodology, however in some cases, real estate agents get very creative.

Some realtors and homeowners who are selling their homes on their own go a few extra steps, and in these cases maybe a few extra miles to attract attention, create humor and lighten up the situation. Does it work? Well, really not so sure about that, but one thing is for sure, these real estate agents and homeowners will crack you up with their tactics.

Check out these hilarious signs that have been used to sell homes!

Nut House?

Well I guess either we are going to be in the nut business, crazy people live here, or the house is made out of nuts? I have never seen that before, but I suppose it is possible. Either way, it does make you think!

Offering Solutions!

This gentleman decided to offer a solution to much needed relationship issues. Why get a divorce when you can just get a bigger house and stay away from each other? Great way to generate a larger commission and solve a couple’s pressing problems!

The Team Approach!

Well I guess when you do not have a real team member, a dummy is the next best thing? At least you know you are getting two for the price of one!

If Your Mom Can’t Recommend You, Then Who Really Can?

Hey, I guess we should be proud that our mom thinks we are the best, Afterall, mother’s know best right. This real estate agent decided to take advantage our love for our mothers and maybe it works!

Entice then Slap Them with Reality!

Everyone wants beach-view, right? Well, it sure does attract attention and someone with a great sense of humor just might call. Hey, at least there is palm trees in the background so there was a small possibility to start with.

Ahh, the Wal-Mart Jokes!

Why not capitalize on the popularity of Wal-Mart. It is what it is, and some people love to watch as shoppers come and go. When you need that late-night snack, you can just jump off of your deck and grab it at Wal-Mart, after all.

Desperation with Honesty

This for sale by owner seller decided to just be plain old honest. My guess, it got some laughs and some calls. Might have backfired with some lowball offers, but desperation comes with a price.

Pleading to Emotions?

Death is an uncomfortable topic for a lot of people so this could either scare people away or lead people in for the opportunity to buy a cheap property that must go. The pictures add a creepy vibe, but hey death happens, and people need to sell properties.

Healthy Competition

The real estate business can be quite competitive so these two decided to play off of that. They had to share a sign so why not make the best of it? So, in the end, who do you think won? I’m not sure who I would have called!

People Love to Eat!

Yummy, free tacos and a house? How can this be? Imagine your first night in your new home and tacos at your kitchen table. I wonder if the realtor will deliver them or if you have to go out and get them yourself? Is this a coupon kind of thing?

The Name Game

I’m guessing Dorita gets asked a lot if she likes Doritos? She clearly has a great sense of humor and uses her name as an advantage to get ahead of the jokes. So, do her open houses included a bag of Doritos for all to enjoy? I certainly hope so!

Fad Diet for Houses?

Sometimes you have to trim the ingredients to draw people in, right? Who wants a house that has gluten anyway? Certainly, not health conscious buyers! At least you know you will stay fit and trim in this home!

A Slice and a House? Does it Get Any Better?

This home truly is move-in ready, as in you do not even have to cook dinner! So, is there a limit on the amount of pizza? Does this save you money in the end? Well, sure it does, and this agent knows how much people love pizza!

So, Then I Guess There is a Concern?

Most people wouldn’t think about a house being haunted unless…. well, this sign puts it in your head. If nothing else curiosity will draw them in, right? Maybe ghost hunters will buy for full price, or, heck even over asking price!

Brutal Honesty!

Some homeowners just believe honesty is the best policy. The best part about this sign is the neighbor gets to see it every day and wonder if they are referring to them. What a hub bub this sign will cause. Oh, and hey, homeowner, if the neighbor truly is what they say they are, then why in the world do I want to buy your house?

Desperation is Back!

I guess desperation is quite popular for homeowners working to sell their houses on their own. But, why do you need to sell so badly? Should I be concerned? Well, either way you caught my attention and made me laugh!

Trash Talk

When two people on the same block are competing to sell their home before the other, things can get a bit messy.

This can present a great opportunity for a buyer, of course, but in the meantime, it creates some fun drama for amusement. Maybe a soap opera will come out of this messy debacle!

I Don’t Know What to Say!

I guess when you look like an 80’s Rockstar, you just have to play it up and use it to your advantage. Although, a lot of people may not know who he is trying to look like, it still makes you laugh because the guy never sleeps. Is this a good thing?

So, what you are telling me is you will be calling me at two in the morning or you will be so tired you will accept a crazy offer on my behalf.  Either way, you look happy enough, but we all need sleep man!

The 80’s Called and Wants Your Name Back

I guess we can’t choose our names, so I suppose this agent is just working with what they have, but maybe we like Levi’s. What are we supposed to do, go back to the 80’s here? Better yet, does this house actually have Lee Jeans for sale? Oh, I bet this person gets all kinds of inquiries!

Reverse Psychology!

When we are told we can’t have something or we can’t do something, what do most of us do? Do it anyway and get it anyway, right? So maybe this person was on to something.

What happens when you call though? Do we play a game and pretend you don’t want to sell, and I don’t want to buy? How will this conversation end if we don’t drop the reverse psychology? This could turn into a real mess!

Mystery Solved by the Best?

Well, I am looking for a home and I do want to buy, but is that a crime that needs to be solved? We know you can’t choose your name, but did you make this up? Sounds too convenient and in the end, a fail. When we want to buy a home, we don’t need the world’s greatest detective.

Do These Dogs Come with The House?

Nothing like pulling on people’s heart strings with some adorable dogs trying to sell their home.

So, what’s really up? Do these dogs come with the home? Or, are we buying their dog houses? Do they all fit into one dog house or are their multiple for sale? I’m just not really sure what I am buying here, and will these dogs be without a home? Too many emotions for me to deal with here!

Oh, Rats!

Oh, wait it is actually mice! Is this the true from of honesty is the best policy here?

Although it is quite common to ask what you are getting with a house when you buy it, this might be just a little too much information and a good scare! I think when they ask, they more want to know like is the dishwasher and blinds included, not four-legged creatures who lurk about the night. This would scare people away and more than likely not get much of a laugh.

What’s in a Name Anyway?

Well, we just can’t say it enough. We can’t choose our own name; we have to thank our parents for that. But, when you think of the word Wacko, what really comes to mind?

I mean I guess you have to be proud of your namesake, but maybe some consideration should be put into less emphasis on a name like wacko. I’m sure it wasn’t easy growing up with your last name of Wacko, but I hate to say, buying a house from a Wacko is not at the forefront of everyone’s list.

It’s the Inside that Matters?

You have been told you can’t judge a book by its cover. This realtor decided to play on our judgment ethics here and I suppose it caught some attention. But, what kind of horror does it look like on the outside then?

Everyone wants a beautiful house so I guess you just have to keep your eyes closed to get in there and then you can live in a gorgeous house and pretend the outside does not exist. Ignorance is bliss, right?

What’s Better than Google?

In this day and age, Google is the popular method of finding out whatever you want about anything you want. But, when it comes to buying a home, isn’t that kind of general when you tell someone to “Google this Address”?

Aside from that, what is it we are going to find? Was someone murdered here? I don’t know, seems like you should be a little more specific than just Googling the address.

Oh, Thank Goodness

I did just get done watching that movie where Zombies were taking over the world. Thankfully, this home that is for sale is a safe zone. My guess, people are flocking here right now out of fear of being eaten by a zombie!

Scare tactics rarely work, if that is what they were going for, however, it does catch attention and may generate some calls or even good laughs.

Last but Not Least, It’s Whatever

Well, we have seen a lot of signs that create some laughter and maybe some concern. But this one leaves us confused. I suppose you can buy it, you can lease it, or you can do whatever. This may be the best sign to get those calls. Although, you may get calls like so can I have a party in your building tonight or hey, can I set off some fireworks in your shop tonight? Well, whatever, who knows what it means, really, they just desperately want it off their hands!

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