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5 Tips for Baby Boomers Selling Their Homes in Massachusetts

The housing market as of 2021 has been quite chaotic to say the least. Prices have risen, bidding wars are an uncomfortable new normal, and there are more preparations to the “for sale” house than normal. Some sellers have become overwhelmed with the amount of work it is to sell their homes, which is understandable, given the current circumstances. One specific population of sellers that are struggling with selling homes right now are the boomer generation. This generation is made up of people born between 1946-1964 and the housing market has changed a lot over the course of their lives. As a result, this generation needs more help selling their homes and we are here to give them some much needed information.

5 Tips for Baby Boomers Selling Their Homes in Massachusetts 

As the selling market has changed quite a bit, there are new pieces of information that can set boomers up for success as they are selling their homes.

1. Find a Massachusetts Real Estate Expert

The best way to get started with the home-selling process is to find someone who knows the Massachusetts housing market inside and out. Licensed real estate consultants know exactly what the housing market is like, they know exactly what buyers are looking for, and they know all the tips and tricks to ensuring a house is ready to be listed on the market. Real estate agents also make the selling and buying process easy because they have access to tools that can tell buyers and sellers about the homes in the area and match the best prices for buying and selling a home. It is important, as a seller, to find a local Massachusetts real estate agent because they have the advice and necessary guidelines that can help sell a house quickly and for great rates.

2. Sell During Peak Dates

The Massachusetts housing market has peak dates for the best times to sell a home. The month of June is ideal for quickly selling a home and selling a home at the best price. The average time on the market is 12 days in the month of June and the median selling price for homes in June is $467,000. Time utilization is key for selling homes here in Massachusetts. However, if the month of June does not work, we have other tips for boomers that are selling their homes.

3. Preparing and Staging the Home

Prior to putting the house on the market, it is vital to ensure that the house is in the best condition possible. This means fixing any issues around the home and removing anything that clutters the house. The way that people, especially those in the boomer generation, can ensure that the house is in its best condition is to get appraisals and inspections. Getting these two items done can ensure that the home is safe, up to date with Massachusetts home regulations, and it can help the seller understand the value of the home prior to listing. It is also important that the space is clean and that minimal personal items are around the house. This allows potential buyers to picture themselves in the house when it is on the market, which leads to people wanting the home. Removing clutter can also be helpful for the seller too, as it means there will be less items to move when moving out of the house. If you need help with this process, you may also greatly benefit from consulting with a professional home staging company for additional guidance.

4. Emotionally Detach from the House

When selling a house that someone has lived in for many years it is inevitable that there will be an emotional attachment to the home. While this is beautiful in its own ways, it is important to not let the love for a house overwhelm the seller during the selling process. Instead, we suggest using that love for the house as a way to ensure that it is in the best shape possible for potential buyers. Emotional attachments to the home are another reason why our first step, getting a Massachusetts real estate agent, is so important. This allows the seller to still love the house and the memories made in it, while the realtor takes care of negotiations, finding potential buyers, and everything else that can be hard for the seller to do.

5. Be Sure to Follow Massachusetts Home-Selling Rules

Some of the nitty-gritty parts of selling a home come with the legalities that every state has in place. The boomer generation might need more help with this because rules are constantly changing, so here is a quick run-down. Massachusetts is a “buyer beware” state, which basically means that the seller does not have to give any information about the home to the potential buyers. However, there are still federal laws that have to be followed when selling a home (especially older homes). This has to do with safety of infrastructure such as the use of lead-based paints. There are also going to be many forms that have to be completed, which your real estate agent should bring to your attention during the selling process.

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We understand that the housing market has changed drastically over the years for those in the boomer generation. We want to encourage anyone, especially those in the boomer generation, to feel comfortable as they are selling their homes here in Massachusetts.

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