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Need to Sell Your Home Quickly? Avoid “We Buy Houses Fast” Scams!

Avoid We Buy Houses Scams

When you need to sell your home fast, it is entirely understandable that you may fall victim to a scam. A cash offer seems like a dream come true because it will save you from your troubles and will do so quickly. You are not alone, there are thousands of homeowners struggling for a multitude of reasons, and the best solution is to get out from under the home that is weighing them down.

What you need to remember: some companies look for people who need rescuing and prey on them through all kinds of unethical tactics. Just like any other important decision, you should ask questions and do your research. 

Some companies and individuals will buy your home for cash and do it with integrity. You need to be savvy and pay attention to details so you can avoid working with the wrong people. 

How do you spot this sort of scam? Well, stay in the know by watching out for the following warning signs.

Review Your Offer With a Fine Tooth Comb

We all know how agreements in writing are essential to business deals, so this is where your reading and combing need to come into play. Make sure you are receiving a professional sale agreement. You can quickly do some research online for your market to know if the forms being presented to you are in fact, up to par with local standards.

Home Selling Contract

Read the agreement thoroughly. If there is a portion of the deal you do not understand, then ask questions. Watch for any details that may seem fishy. You should not sign any agreement until you are 100% comfortable with it and understand every term. If you are unsure, ask a local attorney for some guidance. This will cost you less in the end if you find yourself in a scam situation.

Do You Belong to the Better Business Bureau?

Don’t be afraid to ask up front! If your cash buyer is a company, they more than likely have done this type of transaction in the past. It is easy for someone to look like a professional and appear they are a business that operates under strict guidelines. However, these days, it is easy to seem like a well-established business.

You can easily search the internet to find reviews of the company, and you can check to be sure the company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau accreditation is a great way to ensure you agree on an offer with a trusted and reputable company.

You are Not Just a Number

Please remember, just because you are in this situation does not mean you should be treated any less than a person. You deserve respect and transparency. Often, when it is a scam, you are treated like a number or just a business opportunity. It may seem like a different type of industry because it may feel like an unusual situation; however, customer service comes with every industry. So, the company you work with should treat you like a human being, not a paycheck.

Do they come across as caring? Do they return your calls and answer your questions? Did they go through the process with you and explain what will take place? If you see red flags in the back of your mind, you should ask yourself why. Typically, your instinct is something you can trust, and something may be off here.

If you see red flags, it may be time to do some more research. Just remember, you are in a situation that may seem urgent; however, trying to come back from a scam is not easy. Hop online and start looking more into how the process of “we buy houses for cash” actually works with more than just the company that has approached you. Then you can compare the steps that have been taken and hopefully finding more comfort.

Work Directly With the Cash Buyer

Work with a Cash Home Buyer

One of the most critical aspects of this process is working directly with the cash buyer. You should be able to contact them directly and even meet with them directly. Often, some of the cash buying scams start with third party contact and continue that way throughout the process. This can result in your information being sold on a bulk list resulting in future problems. If you receive pushback when asking to speak directly with the company or person purchasing your home, that is a red flag.

Understandably, you are looking for a quick solution when you need to sell your home fast. However, don’t let that cause you not to do your research and go with your intuition. There are real and professional cash buyers out there who provide excellent customer service, professional and respectful treatment along with transparency. Before you finalize your decision, make sure you are working with the right one.

If you need to know more about selling your home quickly for cash in Massachusetts, feel free to contact where you will receive a fair cash offer and will work directly with your cash purchaser.  

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