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Can I Sell a House Without Being Present?

We travel and move around more than any generations before us; it’s more common than ever to move states and across the country to experience life in a different place or go traveling for extended periods to see the world. But do your plans need to wait until you’ve sold your current home? Do you have to make frequent (and often expensive) trips to the place you’re moving to just to complete a sale?

Today, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know to buy or sell a house when it would be easier for you to not be present at the time of closing.

Who needs to be present at closing?

The closing of a home sale is typically attended by several parties, including the buyer, seller, real estate agents, attorneys, and a closing agent who usually represents the title company. But do all of these parties need to be physically present?

Does the buyer need to be present at closing?

In traditional transactions, the buyer is expected to be present at closing to sign the necessary documents, review the terms, and make the final payment. However, if for any reason the buyer cannot be physically present, they can arrange for a “power of attorney” to act on their behalf. This arrangement should be made in advance, with the approval of the lender and the closing agent.

Does the seller have to be present at closing?

Like the buyer, the seller is traditionally present at closing to sign off on the sale and hand over the property. However, it’s also possible for the seller to be absent. They can pre-sign the deed transfer and other necessary documents and have them delivered to the closing agent (you can also sign these documents remotely and send them to the agent closer to the time). As long as all conditions of the sale are met, the sale can proceed without the seller physically present.

Do both sellers need to be present at closing?

In situations where there are multiple sellers, such as in the case of jointly owned property, all parties should ideally be present at closing. However, if this isn’t possible, they can use the power of attorney or pre-sign the necessary documents, similar to a single-seller scenario.

Do both buyers need to be present at closing?

Just as with sellers, in a situation where there are multiple buyers, all should ideally be present. However, this isn’t a strict requirement. One buyer can represent the others through a power of attorney or similar arrangement, provided this is acceptable to the lender and the closing agent.

When does a seller get money after closing?

The seller typically receives the funds from the sale shortly after closing, often on the same day or within a couple of days. The exact timeline can vary based on different factors, such as the practices of the title company handling the transaction. The funds are usually wired to the seller’s bank account or provided as a check.

Can a seller sign closing documents early?

Yes, a seller can sign closing documents early if they’re unable to attend the closing. This is commonly known as “pre-signing” or “remote signing.” The documents are typically couriered or mailed to the seller, who signs them in the presence of a notary public and then returns them before the closing date.

What do I need to sell a house remotely?

Selling a house remotely is very doable, but you need the right professionals on side to ensure everything moves forward smoothly. You’ll need a real estate agent who is, ideally, experienced in handling sales that take place entirely remotely or where the buyer or seller is absent.

You’ll also need a real estate attorney or title company to complete the transactions for you – this goes double if you want to buy remotely since you’ll need them to close on your behalf.

Sell Your House Fast Remotely

Navigating the process of buying or selling a house remotely can seem daunting, especially when dealing with paperwork, legalities, and unfamiliar procedures. This is where we can step in to alleviate these concerns. If you are currently elsewhere and looking to sell your house quickly in Massachusetts, we’re here to help.

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The added benefit of selling your house to professional cash buyers like us is the financial saving. Without the need for a realtor to handle the sale, you can save a significant amount of money you would otherwise need to pay the realtor handling the sale for you.

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