How to Upsize Your Home: Tips for Moving into a Bigger House

There’s nothing more exciting than deciding to upsize your home. Whether your family is growing and needs more space for kids and pets or have a family member move in with you, looking for a better home can also come with a lot of planning.

Without planning, you can get stuck with a home you don’t even love. The kitchen might no longer work for you, or maybe your backyard is not what it’s all cut out to be.

If you’re considering selling your home and upsizing to something better, then you need to get well-informed on the process. This guide will offer you valuable tips on what to consider before you upsize into a better home.

#1: Write Down What You Need

You can’t go looking for a better home if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Take a seat with a paper and pencil, and think about why you are upsizing. Is it for the extra rooms, larger kitchen, or do you need a more oversized yard?

List the neighborhoods you’re interested in living in. Think about the school district and which schools are nearby, as well as shopping centers. Also, consider your future needs, such as adding more kids to your brood. You might need an extra bedroom in a few years.

Having a clear idea of what you want and don’t want will help you eliminate many properties once you start house hunting.

#2: Buy the Space You’ll Use

Once you start looking at new homes, think about the space that you’ll actually use. Avoid houses with rooms you know you won’t need, such as a theatre room. These rooms generally don’t get used often and might be a waste of space and money.

#3: Determine Your Budget

Moving into a bigger-sized house means you’re most likely going to have a bigger mortgage to pay off each month. You’ll also need to determine monthly costs to maintain your home, such as taking care of a pool or a more oversized yard.

The financial burden that comes with upsizing can get overwhelming, and you need to get prepared for these added costs. Property taxes will be higher, your utility bills will increase, and it will take you a lot longer to clean the ample space.

An upsized house will also need to get furnished with more furniture, which gives you more costs to think about.

If your budget can handle the extra costs each month, then upsizing is still a great idea.

#4: Take into Account Your Home Resale Value

Questions When Dealing with Inherited Home

Considering your upsized’s home’s resale value can be beneficial if you choose the right house in the correct location. Even if you think you’ve found your forever home, things can change in the future, and you need to be considerate of that fact. Look at your house as if you are a potential buyer in the future. Would you want to buy it, or do you think there’s no potential value over time?

Consider the various buying trends when looking through listings, and consider these. For example, flexible space has become popular over the years, and buyers are looking for homes with rooms that can get converted into anything. A child’s bedroom can later get converted into a room for when your parents or guests visit once your children move out of the house. Or you can transform what was once a bedroom into a hobby or game room for you and your spouse and guests.

#5: Consider Different Neighborhoods

Your current home might be in a lovely neighborhood, but when you’re upsizing to a bigger, better space, you might need to consider looking at different neighborhoods. Your perfect dream house can be in an area on the other side of town, or maybe even a few minutes outside of town.

Think about public transportation in the neighborhoods you’re considering, as well as the entertainment nearby. Is your perfect, upsized home away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or will you be living closer to downtown? What is the traffic like in rush hours? These all need to get considered.

#6: Find a Local Real Estate Agent

Find a real estate agent with which you can share your list. Inform them of the neighborhoods you’re interested in, your budget, and what you won’t sacrifice on. The more thorough you are with them, the easier it will be to help you find your dream home by narrowing down the potentials.

Upsizing your home is not always a simple process, and you need a real estate agent to help you with everything. When buying a new home, you will also need to consider selling your old home. Your estate agent will know all the processes to follow, help you cut the time down, and get you into your new house without hassle.

Timing is everything when selling an old home and buying a new one simultaneously. Without guidance, you can run into unnecessary costs which can get avoided.

If you find that your old house sells faster than you buy a new one, your estate agent can help you find temporary accommodation while waiting for the finalizing process. Alternatively, your agent can ask the new homeowners of your old house if you can continue living there until your upsized home is ready by signing a rental agreement with them.

Our Real Estate Agents Can Help You Find a Bigger Home

It can get exhilarating when you decide it’s time to upsize, but you need to consider every expectation. Ensure that the real estate agent you choose to work with is trusted and knowledgeable and will guide you through selling your old home and buying your new one.

We have licensed real estate agents who can help you in the Massachusetts area. Our estate agents have extensive knowledge of what to look out for and avoid when upsizing to a bigger house.

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