The Secret to Selling a House in Massachusetts With a Lien

Selling a house with a lien

Are you looking to sell your home in Massachusetts? It’s a great time to put your house on the market, but if your home has liens, it could complicate the process. Most mortgage companies won’t allow buyers to close on a home with liens and most buyers wouldn’t even want to buy the house until the liens are satisfied.

Just what is a lien and how will it affect your real estate transaction? Check out the details below.

Understanding Liens

First, you should know that there are two types of liens – voluntary and involuntary. No matter the type, it’s a claim against your property. It signifies that you owe someone money and that person has a stake in your property until you pay the lien in full. When someone has a stake in your property, you can’t sell it or transfer it until you satisfy the lien.

What are Voluntary Liens?

The name sound crazy – who would voluntarily put a lien on their property, right? The most common type of voluntary lien is the mortgage. You willingly take the lien on your property in exchange for the funding to buy it. Without the mortgage, you probably wouldn’t be able to buy a home. Most people know that you have to pay off your mortgage if you sell the home – this type of lien won’t stop the real estate transaction from going through.

What are Involuntary Liens?

Involuntary liens are placed on your property without your consent. It’s usually a result of you not paying a debt in full, such as your taxes. Other common examples are suits that are brought against you for failure to pay. The judge can rule that the creditor can put a lien on your property in exchange for the non-payment. Tax liens are problematic when you can’t afford to settle them because you won’t be able to sell the home with the lien present.

How you can Clear the Lien

You have two options to clear a lien – pay the debt in full or hire a lawyer to help you fight the lien. In some cases, a lawyer may be able to work out a settlement, or a lesser amount that the creditor agrees to in exchange for the release of the lien.

Whether you fight the presence of the lien or you pay the debt in full, it’s important that the creditor clear the lien. Make sure you have proof of the payment in full so that you can ensure that the lien is lifted once you pay the loan. If you do work out a deal with a creditor, make sure a part of the deal is to clear the lien or you could find yourself without the money, but with the lien still standing.

Selling a House in Massachusetts With a Lien

It’s not impossible to sell a house in Massachusetts with a lien; it just takes some time and creativity. If you don’t have the funds to settle the debt in full, consider getting legal representation. The right professional can help you fight the debt and get the lien cleared.

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