The Truth About Selling Your Home in Massachusetts on Your Own

For Sale By Owner in Massachusetts

Selling your home in Massachusetts can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. May homeowners think that selling it on their own is the right choice. Whether you don’t want to deal with a realtor or you think you can save money, there are some important things you should know about trying to sell your home on your own as there are costs and tasks many people don’t realize when selling on their own.

Property Showings are Exhausting

While it’s true that you have to keep a clean home whether a realtor shows your home or you do – there’s more to it when you sell on your own. You have to be available every time someone wants to see your home. When you use a realtor, the most effort you have to put in is leaving the house for a bit while people look at your home. If you show it yourself, you have to wrangle the kids and pets, and be a gracious hostess as you let potential buyers walk through your home. You’ll also have to keep your ‘game face’ on as they make comments or provide their opinion on your home.

You’ll Answer Numerous Questions

Whether you are communicating with homebuyers face-to-face or fielding phone calls, you’ll have a lot of questions. A realtor would normally field those calls for you, but if you sell on your own, it’s on your shoulders. Expect your phone to ring a lot with questions you may just shake your head at as well as numerous questions coming from those viewing your home. While you know your home best, answering questions can get quite exhausting especially if they don’t lead to a sale.

You’ll do the Marketing

The only way to get your home seen is to market it. Selling on your own means you have to list the home for sale on the numerous websites available. You should also put physical signs out in the area in the most prominent places to drive the traffic into your home. Don’t skip either step, though, as many homebuyers consult the internet first before ever stepping foot outdoors to look at homes on the market.

Keep in mind, not all marketing is free. You’ll pay for signs to put up around town, possibly listing fees on certain websites, and foot the costs to host an open house, providing your guests with food and drink and a welcoming atmosphere.

The Negotiations are on You

Negotiations are often the toughest part of selling your home. You are selling a part of you that you have an emotional tie to, so of course, you want top dollar. As the buyer comes at you with low bids and crazy repair requests, you can see the money flying out the window. It’s easy to cave and agree to expensive repairs or low bids just to get the process over with, but it doesn’t always have the most fruitful outcome.

You Must Understand the Legal Aspects of Selling Your Home in Massachusetts

The legal aspect of selling your home in Massachusetts falls on you when you sell on your own. At the very least, you should hire a real estate attorney to represent you so that you know you are fulfilling all of the legal requirements. You may also need to hire an escrow agent to hold the earnest money a potential buyer puts down on the home with his or her bid.

It May Take Longer to Sell

Realtors have connections and they know where to list your home. They tirelessly network and get your home ‘out there.’ When you do this on your own, you are at the mercy of the techniques you know to use when selling your home. Homes for sale by owner often have less traffic because people just don’t know about them. Realtors tend to show houses that are listed by other realtors, which means you have to work that much harder to get your home sold.

Selling your home on your own is hard work. If you want to eliminate the middle man and just move on with your life, a Massachusetts cash home buyer can be a great way to complete the process. You’ll get a fair value for your house but you won’t have to worry about cleaning, repairing, or even listing your home for sale.

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