Tips to Selling a House with a Tenant in Massachusetts During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Deciding to sell your home is a huge decision, and while the process can be incredibly exciting, there are parts of it that can be overwhelming as well. There are a lot of things to consider as you navigate the process, and during the current Coronavirus crisis there are additional things you may have to do or know as you sell your house. There are even more considerations to make when you are selling a home that is currently occupied by a tenant, but that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible process – just a different one with additional steps you may have to consider depending on the situation.

Read on to discover some tips to get you started:

Communicate with Your Tenants.

If you are selling a home that is currently occupied by renters at any point, it’s important to communicate with them and consider their experience throughout the process as well. That is even more important during the current pandemic. If the lease is ending soon, let them know early in the process and, if the situation is right, you might be able to sell the house to them. A great tenant might also be a great buyer, and this could save you a lot of time as well!

Communicating with your tenant can also help make the process much easier and avoid any tension. Apart from the fact that Massachusetts is also quite a tenant-friendly state, keeping the tenant in the loop throughout the process can help avoid any headaches and extra work. If you and the tenant are on good terms, you are more likely to have the house kept clean and well maintained prior to the sale.

Take it Virtual.

These days many of the tasks you need to complete to sell a home can be done online. There are countless types of software that can help you create materials that may be necessary through the process, and there are many easily accessible apps that can help you host virtual tours and other meetings that would typically happen in person. Reducing the amount of in-person contact will help your tenants stay safe as well.


Getting your home appraised is a crucial step in the process, and it may be challenging to make this happen during the current health climate. There are some home appraisal services you can hire who will be able to set up a combination of in-person and virtual appraisals to reduce the amount of necessary in-person interaction. There are several ways to do this with minimal contact, such as desktop appraisals or drive-by appraisals.


Studies show that staged homes tend to sell faster than homes that are not. It may be hard to stage a home during COVID, or it may be an extra cost you’d like to avoid. One way technology can help you showcase your house is virtual staging. There are many companies out there that can create high quality digital mockups for reasonable prices.


If you choose to do one part of the process virtually, it should be showings. Technology has made it easy to host virtual tours, and potential buyers who are concerned about the risk of Coronavirus will appreciate the opportunity to get a personalized look at the home they are interested in purchasing. This can also help avoid any risk to your tenants that will come from having people come into the home.


In April of 2020, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed a law allowing remote online notarization which means that signings can happen virtually and therefore safely. Both the notary and those who are signing must be located in Massachusetts for this to apply, and the signings must happen in real time on a video call.

Keep It Clean

If you do host in person tours, there are a few things you can do to make the experience safer and smoother for everyone. Firstly, make sure you regularly sanitize high touch points using a disinfectant, and wash your hands regularly. You can also create small safety kits to hand out to potential buyers as they enter.

Plus, the extra care you take to have these amenities and keep things clean and safe will show a potential buyer that you pay attention to details and are committed to high quality!

Consider Safety First

According to Governor Baker’s order, showings are currently permitted in the state of Massachusetts, but must be restricted to 10 people at most. Some communities have restrictions that differ or are not allowing showings altogether. If the house in question is in a community that has these rules, it’s important to follow those rules as those supersede the governor’s order.

Hire a Real Estate Agent or Sell Your House Privately.

There are a lot of things you have to consider when selling a home and it can be stressful even during a non-pandemic year. Hiring a licensed real estate agent can help you avoid common mistakes and navigate the process successfully using what they have learned over years of experience. Real estate agents can also help you make decisions and can be a voice of reason during the stressful times.

Since selling a home during the Coronavirus epidemic is a new process, it may be hard to research the new process and learn about the new things you have to do. Real estate agents not only have their past experience to draw from, but they have the background knowledge to effectively read new information and determine what is relevant to your situation and what isn’t.

Alternatively, you can also have the option to sell your house for cash, privately and avoid dealing with open houses, banks, appraisals, and tenants who are reluctant to give you access for viewings. Be sure to weigh out your options to see what makes most sense for your situation.

Wrapping Up

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