How to Wholesale Real Estate in Tampa, Florida [2024]

Wholesale real estate is a strategy that allows investors to take advantage of opportunities in the market without needing a lot of money upfront. It involves finding properties at a discounted price, getting them under contract, and then selling the contract to another buyer for a profit.

In Tampa, Florida, wholesaling real estate has become increasingly popular due to the city’s attractive features:

  • Strong job market leading to high demand for housing
  • Expected growth in home prices, making it a good time to invest
  • Potential for significant earnings, with some experienced wholesalers making a significant amount of money

It’s important to note that while wholesaling can be a profitable venture, it requires thorough market research, networking with other investors and professionals, and a solid understanding of the legal and financial aspects involved.

What is wholesale real estate?

The process of wholesaling itself is simple: find properties that are priced below market value, negotiate a deal with the seller, and find a buyer who is willing to pay more. As a wholesaler, you make money by charging an assignment fee, which is the difference between the contracted price with the seller and the sale price to the buyer.

Tampa’s real estate market offers great opportunities for wholesalers because of its dynamics. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your business, understanding how Tampa’s market works can help you find success in wholesale real estate.

How does Wholesaling real estate work?

Wholesale real estate is a process where you find properties that are priced below market value, negotiate a deal with the seller, and then find a buyer who is willing to pay more. As a wholesaler, your earnings come from the assignment fee. This fee is essentially the difference between the contracted price with the seller and the final sale price to the buyer.

For instance, let’s say you come across a property in Tampa, Florida, that’s listed for $100,000. After thorough market research and evaluation of the property condition, you believe it’s worth $150,000. You manage to negotiate with the seller and sign a purchase agreement for $100,000. Now you have an ‘assignable’ contract.

Next, you reach out to your buyers’ list – a roster of potential investors interested in great real estate deals. One of them agrees to buy this property for $120,000. You assign your purchase contract to this buyer for an assignment fee of $20,000 ($120,000 – $100,000).

In this scenario, without having to invest in property renovations or wait for any appreciations in market value, you’ve just made $20,000 by simply bridging the gap between a motivated seller and an interested buyer.

This is how the wholesale real estate business model works. It requires profound knowledge about local markets (like Tampa) and strong negotiation skills. It’s also crucial to cultivate a good network of sellers and buyers to succeed in this venture.

There are 2 different ways to wholesale a property in Tampa:

Double Closing

The first method is through a double closing. In this scenario, you would purchase the property from the seller and then immediately sell it to your buyer. This requires you to have access to sufficient funds to complete the initial purchase. The advantage of a double closing is that it allows for more control over the transaction and can potentially result in a higher assignment fee. However, the downside is that it requires more capital and carries more risk.

Wholesale Assignment

The second method, which is more commonly used, is through an assignment of contract. As we discussed earlier, you would assign your purchase contract to your buyer for a fee. The buyer then takes over the contract and completes the purchase from the seller.

Both methods have their pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh them based on your specific circumstances and goals.

Wholesaling can be a lucrative business if done right, but it’s not without risks. It requires thorough due diligence, strong negotiation skills, and a deep understanding of local markets. Additionally, building relationships with reliable buyers and sellers is essential for long-term success in this field.

Do you need a license to wholesale real estate in Tampa?

No, you do not need a license to wholesale real estate in Tampa. As a wholesaler, you are essentially acting as a middleman and assigning your contract to a buyer. However, it’s always recommended to consult with a legal professional or real estate expert to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.

Yes, wholesaling real estate is legal in Tampa. However, it’s important to note that the legality of wholesaling can vary from state to state and even within different cities.

Understanding the Legality of Wholesaling in Tampa

In Tampa, like in many other areas of Florida, you are allowed to wholesale properties legally. This means you can sign a contract with a home seller, then assign that contract to an end buyer for a fee without needing to purchase the property yourself.

While wholesaling is legal in Tampa and most of Florida, it’s not free of regulations or potential legal pitfalls. Compliance with these rules is crucial for operating a successful and ethical wholesaling business.

Key Legal Considerations for Wholesalers

  • Disclosure: It’s essential for wholesalers to be transparent with both sellers and buyers about their intentions. This means openly communicating that you intend to assign the contract to an end buyer instead of buying the property yourself.
  • Assignment Contract: The legal document used in the assignment should be clear and precise. It must detail all terms of agreement between you (the wholesaler) and the end buyer.
  • No Misrepresentation: As a wholesaler, you must avoid misrepresenting yourself as a real estate agent or broker if you do not hold such licenses.

Local Regulations Matter

While Florida state law generally permits wholesaling, local regulations may also apply. Always consult with a real estate attorney or expert familiar with Tampa laws and regulations before starting your wholesaling operations.

How profitable is wholesaling real estate in Tampa?

Wholesaling can be a lucrative venture in Tampa, with potential for substantial profits. The key lies in finding good deals and building a network of reliable buyers. Additionally, staying updated on market trends and local demand can help you identify properties with high resale potential. While wholesaling does require effort and expertise, the relatively low entry barriers make it an attractive option for aspiring real estate investors looking to generate income without large capital investments.

How to start a wholesaling real estate business in Tampa

Starting a wholesaling real estate business in Tampa requires careful planning and execution. Here are some steps to get started:

  • Educate yourself: Learn about the real estate market in Tampa, including property values, neighborhoods, and trends. Familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations governing wholesaling in the area.
  • Build a network: Connect with other investors, real estate agents, and wholesalers in Tampa. Attend local networking events or join online forums to expand your contacts.
  • Find motivated sellers: Look for distressed properties or homeowners facing financial difficulties. Direct mail campaigns, online marketing, and driving for dollars can be effective strategies to find potential deals.
  • Analyze deals: Conduct thorough due diligence on each property to ensure it meets your criteria for profitability. Consider factors such as repair costs, ARV (After Repair Value), and potential resale value.
  • Secure financing: While wholesaling typically doesn’t require significant upfront capital, having access to funds or reliable financing options can give you an edge in closing deals quickly.
  • Build a buyers list: Cultivate relationships with investors who are actively looking for properties in Tampa. Maintain a database of their preferences and investment criteria to match them with suitable deals.
  • Market your deals: Once you have a property under contract, market it to your buyer’s list or through online platforms like social media, Craigslist, or real estate investor websites.
  • Assign your contract: When you find a buyer for a deal, draft an assignment of contract agreement that legally transfers your rights and obligations to them. Collect your assignment fee at closing.

Remember that wholesaling requires persistence, resilience, and a commitment to continuous learning. With time and experience, you can develop a successful wholesaling business in Tampa or any other market you choose to operate in.

Should I attend wholesaling real estate guru seminars?

Attending wholesaling real estate guru seminars might be beneficial for gaining knowledge and networking opportunities. However, it’s important to approach these events with caution and skepticism. Do thorough research on the seminar hosts and their track record, as some may prioritize selling expensive courses over genuinely helping attendees succeed. Focus on acquiring knowledge from multiple sources, including YouTube videos, books, podcasts, and reputable online communities such as, to develop a well-rounded understanding of wholesaling.

Honestly, you can find so much great content on YouTube for free, that I would strongly recommend starting there if you’re just beginning your venture into wholesaling in Tampa. Flipping Mastery TV has some wonderful content and real life scenarios you can check out.

How To Wholesale Real Estate Step by Step (In As Little As 21 Days)

How to build your buyer’s list in Tampa

Building a real estate investor buyer’s list in Tampa is crucial for successful wholesaling. Here are a few strategies to help you grow your list:

Attend local networking events

Connect with other investors, real estate agents, and professionals in the industry who can refer potential buyers to you. Search real estate networking events near you using channels such as and others.

Join online real estate investor groups

Participate in forums, Facebook groups, and LinkedIn groups that cater to real estate investors in Tampa. Engage in discussions, share your expertise, and connect with potential buyers who are actively seeking investment opportunities.

Build relationships with local real estate agents

Connect with agents who specialize in working with investors. They often have a pool of buyers looking for deals and can help you find potential buyers for your wholesale properties.

Advertise on real estate investor websites: Sign up on websites like BiggerPockets, Connected Investors, or MyHouseDeals and post your wholesale deals. These platforms have a large audience of active real estate investors and can significantly expand your reach.

Remember to consistently update and nurture your buyer’s list by staying in touch with your contacts, sharing market updates and investment opportunities, and providing value through your knowledge and expertise. A strong buyer’s list will be the foundation of your successful wholesaling business.

Remember, building a quality buyer’s list takes time and effort. Focus on nurturing relationships, delivering value, and consistently marketing your deals to expand your network of potential buyers.

Find wholesale properties for sale

We hope that these tips were helpful. If you’re looking for wholesale properties for sale in Tampa, you can utilize various resources to find them. Feel free to get in touch with our team if you’re looking to sell your assignment contract or to be added to our buyer’s list! We buy houses for cash all over Tampa and are always looking to partner with other investors.

Remember, thorough due diligence is essential when evaluating a property for wholesaling. Always consult an attorney or real estate professional before entering into any contracts. Good luck with your wholesaling journey!

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