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We buy mobile homes all over Massachusetts (and some parts of New Hampshire too!) If you are looking to sell your manufactured home quickly and get top dollar for your property and avoid the hassles of listing your property the traditional way, we would love to chat with you to see how can help. We’ll buy your mobile home regardless of the condition it is in and will never ask you to make any repairs or updates!

When Selling Your Mobile Home, We Can Help You Avoid Various Problems You May Be Facing:

  • Foreclosure
  • Long and Complicated Probate Process
  • Losing Income Due to Vacant Mobile Home
  • Inherited a Mobile Home
  • Very Expensive Repairs Needed
  • Lengthy Wait Times Selling with a Realtor

Whether your home is occupied or vacant, we are here to help provide the best possible solution to solve your problem. We are happy to talk to you and give you a fair cash offer for your property (you choose the closing date that works best for you!).

At Pavel Buys Homes, we prioritize honesty and transparency with a process that prioritizes you and your needs. We base our offers on information you share with us, research, and the knowledge and expertise that only comes with years of experience in the real estate industry. There’s no reason that selling your home needs to be an overwhelming and stressful experience – reach out to us today to find out how it can be a fast and easy experience!

How to Sell Your Mobile Home in Massachusetts

We are professional, BBB accredited, licensed home buyers in Massachusetts who will buy your property in as is condition and give you a fair, no obligation cash offer. By selling your property directly to us, you avoid expensive fees and delays associated with a traditional sale when using a real estate agent… not to mention the uncertainty of whether or not your manufactured home will sell or not when listing with a Realtor!

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Get the cash you need for your mobile home in less than 14 days. No headaches or fees to worry about.

When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about all of the small details. For example, there are generally some legal points to consider. You may need to notify your property manager of the sale. And there are different rules depending on what state or county you are located in. We can help you determine what needs to be taken care of – and we can take care of it for you! Our step-by-step process prioritizes you, and we strive to make sure that it’s as easy and stress-free as selling a home can possibly be.

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We buy houses in any condition. We won't ask you to do any repairs or pay any fees. Request your cash offer today to get started!
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Common Questions When Selling Your Mobile Home

Yes! But The Loan Balance Must Be Paid in Full First. When you have a mortgage on your property, we’ll have a chat to discuss what your left over balance is and what your ultimate goal is with your property. In these scenarios, if you agree to our cash offer, we make sure that your mortgage has been fully paid off and anything above what you owe to the lender goes directly to you.
It Depends on the Fair Market Value. When we make our cash offers, we calculate how much it will take in repairs and upgrades to bring your property into a marketable condition so that it can re-sell for retail market price. When we evaluate your home, we’ll take these factors into consideration to determine a best possible offer amount to present to you.
Absolutely! We buy homes in any condition, regardless of the repairs that are needed and since we pay cash, there are no banks or inspectors involved. We buy your property in as is condition so you can take your belongings and move to a new chapter of your lives. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible for you.
Definitely! At Pavel Buys Homes, we are happy to work with you to come up with a cash offer that fits your specific set of circumstances. If your home isn’t clean or if it needs a fresh coat of paint, that’s completely fine. We factor that into the initial offer we present you with.
It depends. If you are selling the land as well as the mobile home, it is considered a real estate sale. But if you are only selling the mobile home, it would count as a personal property sale. Both are treated differently but don’t worry – if you work with us, we can handle all of those little details!
No – that’s actually one of the benefits of working with us! When we say we take care of the process, we include the appraisal process as well. We research your house, come up with the best possible offer, and we worry about repairs and maintenance that may be required later on. All you have to do is contact us to get started.
No, we buy houses in all conditions and we buy them as-is. Staging a home is generally a time consuming process, and it can be an added expense in many situations. You won’t need to stage your home before we work with you.
That’s completely fine! At Pavel Buys Houses, we strive to be honest and open with you, and we want to create a mutually beneficial situation. We don’t want to pressure you into anything, and we guarantee that we will offer you the best possible offer up front so you can easily make an informed decision.

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Selling your mobile home might be a big decision for you, but there’s no reason it needs to be a stressful one as well! As housing contents in Massachusetts may be on the rise, mobile homes – or manufactured homes, as they are also known – are an increasingly viable option for many in Massachusetts. While there are many things to consider, there are many steps you can take to set yourself up for a successful selling experience. Read on to discover what you need to know as you prepare to sell your mobile home in the state of Massachusetts – and learn which easy step you can take to sell it fast!

Tips on Preparing for a Sale

If you live in a mobile home community, a great first step is to reach out to the property manager. An efficient sale is in their best interest, so they may want to help you proceed or advertise the upcoming vacancy.

It would also be beneficial to hire an appraiser specializing in mobile homes if you’re going to handle the process of selling your home by yourself. Usually, a thorough appraisal costs a few hundred dollars, but at the end you are given information summarizing the accurate value of your home. The issues that the appraiser notes should be corrected prior to the sale to ensure you get the most money.

In addition to any technical or structural issues that may be pointed out during the appraisal, you may have to make adjustments to the cosmetic features of the home as well. Consider replacing any scratched hardware or banged up corners to give the home a fresh appearance. You can even have fun with the process of updating and upgrading your home: a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference, as can the way you stage your home.

Staging your home is the process of setting it up to look stylish and appealing to potential buyers. A staged home must be clean, well decorated, and show off the home’s best features. A potential buyer should be able to envision their life in the space. If this sounds complicated, you can always hire a decorator to do this step for you. If you have an eye for design (or a great home inspiration Pinterest board), you can attempt it on your own as well!

As with any home sale, it would be advantageous to look up similar models of mobile homes, and similar communities to see what the current market looks like. You may notice trends in the listings or gain some inspiration for when you write up your own listing.

When creating a listing, hiring a photographer to take pictures of your mobile home can help show off the features that would appeal to an interested buyer. Experienced photographers have a great eye, and can capture images of your mobile home that show it in its best light.

You can also place “For Sale” signs on your property, or you can even venture out and generate interest by placing additional signs in high traffic areas such as shopping centers, or along a highway. This extra effort can make a huge difference.

Legal Protections

When selling your mobile home, there are a few important legal points you should consider. For example, if you are selling the land as well as the mobile home, it is considered a real estate sale. But if you are only selling the mobile home, it would count as personal property.

Throughout the process you are afforded several protections by law. According to the Attorney General’s Guide to Manufactured Housing Community Law, Appendix D Section 10, there are actually multiple legal precedents that protect you both while you own the house, and while you sell it. According to section 10.07, the community manager (referred to as an “operator” within the document) may not hinder your ability to sell the property or try to prevent you from doing so in any way.  You may be required to notify your community manager/property owner of your intention to sell but they are not permitted to willfully cause any issues that would stop the sale.

Mobile home titles are not common in Massachusetts – the bill of sale is usually sufficient to show ownership. Therefore, if you are selling your mobile home in the state of Massachusetts, it’s important to pass the bill of sale to the new owners to demonstrate the chain of ownership.

There are many benefits to selling your mobile home in Massachusetts. One key benefit is the fact that the sale of mobile homes is exempt from sales tax, regardless of if you have hired a real estate agent to help facilitate the sale or not.

Sell Your Mobile Home for Cash Without the Hassle

If all of those tips, tricks, and legal precautious sound overwhelming, you have other options that are far more convenient. If you want to sell your mobile home but aren’t interested in navigating the complicated process of doing it yourself, you can take your first step for a painless process by contacting us today.

At Pavel Buys Houses, we can help you sell your home by buying it for cash. Many people may hesitate to reach out to services like ours because their homes aren’t in completely pristine condition and they worry about any additional costs this may incur. But with our process, you don’t have to worry about that. The condition of your home may affect the amount of cash you can receive for it, but it won’t affect whether or not we’ll be able to work with you.

When you work with us, you are able to sell your home directly to us, and we’ll worry about the rest!

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At Pavel Buys Houses, we buy houses all over Massachusetts and in some parts of New Hampshire as well! We can help you whether the home is occupied or vacant, and we will help guide you through the process of selling your home for cash. You get to avoid the inconvenience of preparing your mobile home for sale and you get to walk away with cash in hand. Contact us today for a free consultation to receive your no-obligation cash offer. You can fill out the form on the website, or for faster service call us at 781-309-7085.

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We buy houses in any condition. We won't ask you to do any repairs or pay any fees. Request your cash offer today to get started!
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