Massachusetts Landlords: Attract the Best Tenants by Doing These 7 Things!

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Attracting the best tenants in Massachusetts can be a simple process. Have you ever noticed some landlords just have a knack for attracting the best tenants? Well, they are doing these 7 things to help them attract the best Massachusetts tenants. 

It’s not easy to be a great landlord and make an investment property a well worth while cash flow for extra monthly income. Anyone can buy a rental property, but there are many factors that go into becoming a successful landlord with quality tenants. 

Here are 7 tips to attract the best tenants in Massachusetts…

Professional Photography

When it comes to listing your property for rent, don’t skimp on the photos. If you want to get the most attention from the best pool of tenants, presentation is key. A photo says a lot about a landlord and a lot about the property itself. If a landlord does not take the time to take photos that are of professional quality, it can feel like there is something to hide. Be sure to show your property off in the best possible light. 

Focus on the Location

You should be an expert on the location of your property. What is the neighborhood like, where are the parks, where are the schools and who has the best burger? You will want to know as much as possible to help a potential tenant figure out if this location is right for them. Research your area and become an expert so you can answer questions and offer up information. 

Add Special Touches

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add special touches. A small attention to detail will go a long way and attract great tenants. Upgrading the appliances, adding some tech friendly features like a Wi-Fi doorbell, putting in some closet shelves and a garden area are small touches that are inexpensive but will be attractive to potential tenants. These special touches will create a memorable impression and set your property apart from the rest. 

Advertise Where it Makes Sense

Advertising your property for rent is a necessity to fulfill your vacancy. However, there is a trick to good advertising that will attract quality tenants. You should advertise in places where your market presents itself. For example, if your property is near a college, advertise to college students on campus. If your property is located in a neighborhood that is made up primarily of families, advertise at grocery stores, or local bulletin boards. 

Of course, these days you also want to make sure you are advertising online as well. Use your social media, Zillow, Trulia, and/or All of these methods are pretty inexpensive and well worth the cost. 

Keep the Property in Good Maintenance

Well cared for properties naturally attract quality renters. It is important that a landlord holds up their end of the rental agreement, so if a potential tenants sees that the property is not in good condition before renting, they know it is highly unlikely that will change. Always keep your property in great condition even when your property is currently rented. 

Create an Attractive Listing

Photography isn’t the only factor that matters when listing your rental property in Massachusetts. Be sure to write your listing in carefully crafted language taking into consideration the location and special features, not just how many bedrooms or bathrooms there are. Create a story in which potential tenants can visualize themselves living in your property. 

Spread the Word

There is nothing better than word of mouth. Even in our days of social media and the internet, word of mouth can go a long way. It is still one of the most effective ways of advertising. Talk to people around you, strike up conversations and be sure to let your family and friends know when your property is coming up for rent again. In many cases, someone is sure to have a friend, coworker or family member looking for a home to rent. You can even offer a referral or a bonus to someone how brings you a new tenants that works out and a lease is signed. 

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