Photographs and Staging: They Do Matter When You Want to Sell Your Home

Real Estate Staging

When the photography and staging are done, well, it is very common that a home will sell faster than a house that has not been adequately photographed nor staged. Presentation is often vital when selling your home and can make a significant difference in the type of buyers that will flock to your home. 

If your home is ready for staging and photos by a professional, it is important to remember; this will more often than not pay for itself in the end. Otherwise, selling your home fast may be a better option. 

Here are some excellent tips to keep in mind when selling your home in Massachusetts.

Staging Your Home to Sell in Massachusetts

Before You Begin

It is often best to consult with experts to maximize your sale potential profits. The ideal situation is to have a professional photographer and stager come and meet with you at the same time in your home. 

This way, you are getting the best results for your investment. A professional photographer may not know where furniture should be placed, and a stager may not know how to get the best use out of lighting to take the most attractive photos. When they work together, the results are at maximum potential!

Spend the Money on the Photographer

In today’s market, a photo speaks a thousand words. A skilled photographer knows how to create an atmosphere for potential buyers to picture themselves in your home. The pictures you have done of your home will result in the amount of attention your home will receive. It is best not to rely on yourself or your real estate agent to take the photographs. 

Real Estate Photographer

Bad photographs can add a lengthy amount of time that your home will sit on the market. Remember, online advertising is often how your home will sell. Browsing through a sea of photographs, buyers are looking for the perfect fit, don’t take your chances on less than stellar photography to sell your home. 

Create an Atmosphere that Buyers are Drawn To

A professional stager is well worth the expense. Stagers keep up to date with current trends, and they know what potential buyers are looking for. The idea of staging is to help a buyer envision themselves in your home. A professional stager will consider what taps into a buyer’s emotions and motivates them to want your house. Often, the main rooms of your home are what a stager will focus on to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Prepping for The Process


You never want clutter in your photographs or clogging up a buyer’s vision when walking through your home. Be sure to de-clutter main areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and master bedrooms. Clean out your closets and create the illusion of as much space as possible. You want to keep your home as neutral as possible with what you leave out for the buyer’s experience. 

De-Clutter Your Home


It sounds like an insult; however, your personal effects should be packed away. A buyer is uncomfortable with your items while on tour. You want to be sure anyone who is coming through your front door feels comfortable, after all, they could buy your home. 

Pack away your personal items such as collectibles, numerous family photographs, anything political or religious, and any other items that may be cluttering up your home as mentioned before. 

Outdoor Space is Important Too

Don’t forget about your outdoor space. This is part of your home as well, and buyers will tour your grounds. Your yard and entry create that very first impression, so be sure to pay close attention to both. 

Park your cars on the street for any potential showings or open houses to create more space and comfort for accessibility. You want people to envision themselves, pulling up to the home and calling it their own. 

Accentuate to add curb appeal as well. Plant some fresh flowers, add flower pots to your front porch or walkway and light up the area as well to create a welcoming entrance. A pop of color can help your home stand out from the rest as well. 

Keep In Tip Top, Clean Shape

When your home is on the market, you always want to keep it clean. Get in a daily routine in which you pick household messes up when they happen. If people are skeptical that you can live so neat, then you have done your job. 

Clean Up Mess

Keep in mind; this includes the little things we often forget about as well:

  • Shoes Left Out in Various Places
  • Raised Toilet Seats
  • More than Full Trash Cans
  • Power Chords, Charging Cords should be neatly tucked away

The disorder can be overwhelming for many, and messes can create a bad impression. Buyers need to be able to see themselves in your home. 

This may seem like a lot, and if you need to sell your home fast with less hassle, we buy houses for cash in Massachusetts. When we buy your house fast for cash, we do not ask you to make any repairs, and we do not worry about your photography or staging. We can help you with alternative options and walk you through along every step of the way. 

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