The Top 5 Things you Must Know About Selling a Home in Salem, MA

Selling Home in Salem, MA

Before you list your home for sale in Salem, MA, you must now the process. Listing your home or condo is a big deal. If you make even one mistake, it could cost you the sale of your home or thousands of dollars. Check out the top five things you must know before listing your home for sale.

It May Take Longer Than you Think

It’s natural that you love your house, but that’s because it’s yours. The market may not respond in the same way. While you may assume your house will sell in a matter of days, the fact of the matter is that it could take months or longer. It depends on many factors including:

  • How well you stage your home
  • The home’s features
  • The type of buyers in the market at the time
  • The number of buyers in the market at the time
  • Market values when you list
  • The number of homes for sale

You May Have to Repair More than you Think

Homebuyers in Salem, MA want a home that’s in good condition. This doesn’t mean ‘perfect’ condition, but they want a home that they can move into right away. Even if you do repairs before you list the home, you may not be done.

As a part of the buying process, buyers typically order a home inspection. A professional inspector will walk through your home and evaluate its condition. They leave no stone unturned and provide the buyer with a comprehensive report of the things that are wrong with the home. If the buyer doesn’t like some of the issues, he may request that you make the repairs. If you won’t make them, the seller may back out of the sale or try to negotiate a lower price.

Marketing may not be Included in Your Real Estate Commission

Ask about the details of your real estate agent’s contract. Know what’s included in the commission charged and what may be extra. Some real estate agents are full-service and only offer full-service packages. Ask about the specific services you desire to see if they are included, such as:

  • Photography of the home
  • Home staging
  • Marketing
  • Open houses

Be Ready for Showings at any Time

Buyers want to see your house when they want to see it. If you don’t agree, you could lose a potential sale. A turned away buyer probably won’t come back. Your home must be showing ready at any time. When you list your home with a realtor, he/she could call at any time and say a buyer wants to see your home. While it’s inconvenient, staying ready will help you sell your home faster.

A Contract Doesn’t Mean a Sold Home

It’s exciting to get a purchase contract on your home for sale in Salem, MA, but that doesn’t guarantee a sale. A lot can still fall through the cracks on the buyer’s end. You may even find that you are unhappy with the contract terms. In fact, the contract is just the first step. It’s an indication that a buyer wants your home, but not all of the pieces have to come together.

If a buyer has contingencies in the contract, he/she has ways out of the sale. The most common include:

  • Home sale contingencies
  • Home inspection contingencies
  • Home appraisal contingencies
  • Financing contingencies

Make sure you review your contract with your real estate attorney to make sure that the contract is fair to both parties and that you have a decent shot at selling the home.

Does all of this sound exhausting to you? Does it sound like you’ll never sell your home? It doesn’t have to be this way. If you don’t want to mess with a realtor and hundreds of people that don’t buy your home walking through it, consider selling to a cash buyer.

We buy houses in Salem, Massachusetts in as-is and without any hassle. We can close on the sale in as little as 14 days, giving you the money you deserve for your home without all of the unnecessary headaches that selling a home in Salem, MA can cause. Contact us today!

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