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Are you considering selling your Condo in Massachusetts? We would be happy to make you an all cash offer without any obligations. We purchase condominiums, townhouses, and apartments in any condition! When you sell your condo to us, we make the process simple, eliminating the stress of a traditional purchase.

Condos are quite unique when compared to single family houses due to the fact that there is Homeowner’s Association involved, which collects fees, handles reserves for future expenses, and maintains the shared premises continuously to make improvements to the complex. Owning a condo or townhouse means that you must also be aware of the rules and regulations set in place by the Homeowner’s Association (HOA). Unfortunately, there may be times when a homeowner needs to sell their condo quickly for all kinds of reasons.

Common Scenarios When You Need to Sell Your Condo

  • You are behind on your HOA fees and the association is threatening to foreclose on your condo
  • Homeowner’s Association placed a special assessment and major repairs need to be done to the complex, ultimately leaving all unit owners responsible for paying the fees. You do not have enough funds to cover the extra fees
  • Monthly condo fee increased significantly, making it a challenge to continue making your payments
  • You are behind on paying taxes to the city
  • Bad rental property (problems with tenants)
  • Dangerous disturbance from other neighbors living in same complex / bad neighbors
  • A lien has been placed against your condominium unit
  • Multiple code violations due to inexperienced contractors / handymen performing past renovations
  • Upsizing and looking to move to a bigger house

As a professional BBB Accredited company, we can help you sell your condo quickly …regardless of your situation. Since we pay cash, this eliminates a lot of the paperwork and allows us to set-up quick closings around the timeframe you desire!

How Do I Sell My Condominium Fast in Massachusetts?

  • Tell us about your condo, by filling out the form below  – It’s Quick, Easy & Free!
  • We’ll give you a call and schedule to walk-through your condo & help answer your questions
  • Receive a Fair, No Obligation Cash Offer (usually on the same day or within 24 hours)
  • We close with a trusted attorney putting cash in your pocket, property off your hands!

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No Matter What Your Situation – We Buy Condos & Townhouses in Any Condition

We buy condos, townhouses, duplexes and pay in cash, no matter what the situation is. Below are some of the most common scenarios when a homeowner may decide to sell their property.

The Benefits of Selling To a BBB Accredited Cash Buyer

  • We Buy Condominiums in “as-is” Condition. No repairs needed!
  • If You Are Behind on HOA Fees, We’ll Pay Them For You
  • Special Assessment Payment Coming Up? Don’t worry. We got you covered.
  • We Pay in Cash, Simplifying the Process
  • No Low Ball Offers. You’ll Get Our Best Offer From the Start
  • Fast Closings.  You Choose the Date That Works For You
  • No Fees. No Commissions

Sell Your Condo Without Making Any Repairs

Sell your Massachusetts condo fast without any repairs. We’ll buy your condo or townhome in any condition – just take the belongings that matter the most to you & leave the rest to us!

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Commonly Asked Questions When Selling Your Condo

How Do You Sell a Condo Without a Realtor?

Selling your condo without a realtor can save you some money and avoid Realtor commissions, as well as getting your condo sold quickly. Here’s what you have to know when selling your condo without a realtor.

  • Know your Condo Association rules – There are sets of rules and guidelines that need to get followed, such as who you can and cannot sell your condo to, how you can market your condo for sale, etc.
  • Price your condo right – Overpricing your condo can lengthen the time it takes to sell it. Price your condo at market value by looking at comparable properties. Appraisers can also help assess your condo’s value.
  • Stage your condo – Make your condo look appealing to potential buyers by staging it. Remove clutter, including from storage spaces and anything that looks unappealing. Also, ensure you keep your condo clean. If you need help with staging, hire a professional stager to do the work for you.
  • Prepare for a home inspection – Take care of any repairs and defects, as well as any mold or radon issues, to prevent problems later.
  • Get documentation ready for the buyer – Get all the required documentation from the Association prepared for the buyer.
  • Timing is everything – Listing your condo at the right time of year can get it sold quickly. Consider the different seasons before listing. The best time to list in Massachusetts is the beginning of Spring.
  • Market your condo – If the Association allows, put “for sale” signs outside your condo. Advertise on social media and have an open house. The more foot traffic you have, the quicker you can find a buyer.
  • Negotiate the sale – Negotiate your condo price, and when you find the right deal, get the contract signed and close.

If you prefer not to sell your condo on your own, be sure to reach out directly to us – we will buy your condo as-is, fast for cash!

How do I Market my Condo for Sale?

If you plan on selling your condo on your own, make sure you have a good marketing strategy developed before you start the process. Utilize the following:

  • Social media (Advertise on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or NextDoor) and other channels.
  • Free online listings, such as Zillow and Redfin.
  • Get a professional photographer to take professional photos of your condo to make your listing stand out online.
  • Post a “For sale” sign outside your condo complex
  • Stage an open house or a virtual home tour
  • Promote the amenities that go together with your condo, such as a gym, swimming pool, playground, and more.

Are Condos Hard to Sell?

The difficulty of selling a condo comes down to a few things:

  • Does the condo represent fair market value?
  • Is the condo fee too high and does not provide enough value to buyers?
  • Is the condo appealing to a wide variety of buyers?
  • Is the condo in an attractive location?
  • Is the condo complex FHA approved?
  • Are there any pending litigations or lawsuits against the condominium association?
  • Does the condo complex have enough reserves and is being properly managed?
  • Is a professional management company overseeing the complex or is it self-managed by owners?

Why is my Condo Not Selling?

There are a few reasons why your condo may not be selling:

  • Your listing price is too high – If you price your condo too high, you will struggle to find buyers. Consider reducing your price to attract potential buyers.
  • Your condo needs repairs – Your condo will look unattractive to buyers if your condo needs repairs. Consider fixing up a few things, such as replacing lightbulbs or worn carpets.
  • You aren’t marketing enough – Buyers will search everywhere for their next home. Ensure you’re marketing in all the right places, such as social media and free online listings.
  • Your listing photos aren’t professional – Hire a professional real estate photographer to take professional photos of your condo. This will ensure your listing will stand out online and will attract buyers to view your condo.
  • Your condo building needs maintenance – Approach the Homeowner’s Association to request improving the building and common areas’ maintenance. A fresh paint job and improved landscaping can make the condo more attractive to buyers.

What Increases Condo Value?

Increasing the value of your condo can give you a greater return on investment when you sell.

  • Repaint your walls with neutral colors, such as greys or off-white. Stay away from bright colors.
  • Modernize your kitchen by adding a small island or counter. Replace tiles with granite and install pull-out dish shelves.
  • Update your bathroom by installing new faucets, retiling, and updating towel hangers, etc.
  • Upgrade kitchen appliances to newer and modern items, such as stainless steel.

Do Condos Increase in Value?

Condos are great for cash flow and appreciate over time. A condo’s increase in value comes down to location. Your condo’s value is almost guaranteed to increase if you are located in the right area. Consider the following:

  • Low crime rate
  • Walkability
  • High population growth
  • Close to amenities, such as parks, schools, shops, and hospitals
  • Ease and accessibility to public transportation

Is it a Good Idea to Sell my Condo to Buy a House?

Many perks come with a condo, but not everyone enjoys them. The three main housing scenarios are buying a house, buying a condo, or renting an apartment. Each one will have its benefits, and it will come down to preference and where you are in life.

How to Sell Your Condo in a Tough Market?

When there’s no interest shown towards your condo, you need to step up and make your condo the most appealing on the market.

  • Lower your price – Check the asking prices for condos within your area, and adjust the asking price for your condo slightly lower than the competitive prices.
  • Advertise your condo in all the right places, such as on social media and free online listings. Host open houses more regularly.
  • Offer incentives to potential buyers without raising your asking price, such as including appliances in the sale. Another incentive is to offer to contribute towards the closing costs or pay the Homeowners Association costs for a limited time.
  • Offer incentives to the real estate agent – offer extra cash if they can sell your condo in a specific period, such as within 30 or 60 days. Otherwise, offer an incentive that’s worth a few hundred or a few thousand dollars.

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